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Baby Sports Apparel: Because Your Baby Wants To Represent.

Baby in raiders clothing

I remember it like it was yesterday-the day I brought my now 3-year old
daughter home from the hospital. When it was time to change her clothes for the first time there was one thing I wanted to dress her in: a pink Manchester United FC jumper. It had the cutest hood and looked so warm and cozy. There was one problem-it was the middle of summer.

My wife and I began looking for more seasonal baby sports gear, but we soon learned that selections were limited. Going to our local department store was not helpful, as they only had a tiny selection of sizes and teams. If we were lucky enough to find an item in our child’s size, the quality was hit or miss, depending on the item.

Does this sound familiar to you? If so, do not fear! I have searched far and wide (on the internet at least) to find the perfect baby sports clothing.

NFL Baby Clothes

There are some very cool NFL baby clothes online for purchase. These range from some stylish moccasins, body suits, rompers, t-shirts, and even infant size jerseys.

My favorite items have to be the line of “Eat, Sleep, Drool” infant body suits. They come in a three pack, and have your favorite team’s logo on th front. These are very adorable.

As a dad of all daughters, I also love the girls Infant Homecoming Bodysuit. These come in a two pack and are a great way to show your daughters from an early age what team your family supports.

In addition, you can find baby “stuff” for every team in the NFL, including bottles, bibs, etc.

NBA Baby Clothes

NBA Baby Clothes are a little harder to find. For example, on the NBA store website, you can find baby items, but they are sprinkled in between the adult/women’s items. Your best bet is to scroll through the items for team you like and try to find baby items.

Amazon also has some NBA baby clothes for sale, if you are willing to go through the process of searching for the exact item you want.

The cutest item I saw among NBA baby clothes
were the jersey and pants combination, as well as the pajamas.

Both of these items appear to be good quality items, and you can feel a sense of pride knowing your baby has good taste in teams to support.

MLB Baby Clothes

MLB has a nice selection of baby gear. It is pretty similar to what the NFL store offers in themes of bodysuits, shoes, and bibs.

One item that I think is pretty cool is The infant sized MLB jerseys. This will allow your little one to look just like their future on the diamond heroes.

Another really cool item is the game time jumper, that almost looks a baby-sized full uniform.

My favorite item offered in terms of MLB baby clothes is the mascot t-shirt. These are very cute and bring a sense of childhood joy to your baby apparel. Unfortunately, not every team has a mascot, so not every team has an item available in this line.

NHL Baby Clothes

The online NHL shop also has a decent amount of baby apparel, although it is a little harder to find because it is not separated from the gear for older children. There are several items I really like that are available.

One of the cutest items that is available is the NHL jerseys for infants. These look like miniatureversions of the real thing. If you are a fan of a specific player or team, these are a must have.

The other items I really like are the one piece zip up sleepers.  These have the various tea colors and
logos, and look quite cozy for those cold winter nights.

College Baby Gear

There is some great College Baby Apparel available, but it is somewhat tricky to find. You can find baby blankets, bottles, bibs, shoes, and even personalized burp cloths.

One of my favorite item of college baby apparel is a hooded jumper. They are so adorable and look like
they will do a great job keeping your baby warm. They are primarily gray, but have the logo of your favorite college on the front.

Another item that I think are really cool is the Infant college T-shirt. One of them that I will be buying for my own daughter has the college team logo on the front with the phrase
“Start ‘em young. Raise ‘em right.” This saying typically is exactly what the parents feel they are doing by getting team gear for their little one.

Soccer Baby Apparel

Soccer baby gear can be found out there. There are a number of items that are generic soccer items, with soccer balls and soccer players. Finding team specific baby clothes is a little trickier. You might have to search for your team directly, or go to the team store of the club you are looking for.


I hope this article will help you find the Sports Team Apparel for your baby that will give you pride, and help you “raise them right,” I know from experience that seeing my daughter in the great of my favorite teams made me a happy man. Hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. I’m glad I came across this post.  We have a new grandbaby coming in July and my son is a sport fanatic.  Well I guess you know where Grandma will be shopping.  There is so much to choose from, for sure we are going to have to go with a NHL Zip up sleeper and then an NFL Bodysuit.  So cute.  I’m glad I found your site.  

  2. This is a great article.  There is nothing cuter then our babies/young children wearing clothing with our favorite sports teams on it.  I have been buying Edmonton Oilers clothes for my seven year old grandson since he was one year old.I really appreciate the fact that you would take the time to do the research and put together the info on this article for us to have a place to go to buy these items for our kids since they arent always readily available at your local WalmartDale

  3. I am a big soccer fan, and also with my daughter who is 5. We love watching soccer in our jerseys. While she was  growing up it was very difficult to get her one at that time, because there wasn’t really a platform like this to get sport apparels easily. This is an awesome way of getting a soccer baby gear for the one on the way!!! Thanks alot for this info.

  4. This is perfect, I have a 1 year old grandson and his father ( my Son ) always brings him over with eagles gear on. I haven’t been able to pry out of him where he is getting it though. When my grandson is with me I want to dress him in clothing representing the best team in NFL history The New England Patriots. I wish I found this site sooner but I will never be able to get him anything by tomorrow when the Patriots make yet another appearance in the Super Bowl. Good to know for the future though.

  5. Wow I’m just really amazed by this cute. These NFL baby clothes are so cute. I can’t wait to buy them and gift it to my uncle because he recently had a baby. You have posted some good choices of clothes here. I really like the One Piece Zip Up Sleepers.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  6. This is so neat! Thanks for sharing! I don’t have kids yet, but am interested in these clothing options for when I do. My family are huge fans of Ohio State College football so that will definitely be important. Do you have any more links or options specifically related to that? Thank you!

  7. Sport apparels on kids are usually amazing, especially if it is coming from your favourite team. I do patronise stores for babies favourite jerseys, but often when I can’t find a befitting one from my club,Manchester united,I resort to customisation. This is where my fashion designer prove to be the best.

  8. I will have to say these are very nice baby clothes and being that they represent one of the best  sports that I have passion in that is way cooler . yeah let me say  even babies needs to look great with those jerseys or apparels and idea is greatl I have to do the shopping know for my incoming boy so let me hope into shopping spree.

  9. Great article! I was wondering if you know of anyplace I can order custom baby clothes so that I could put a highschool logo team on it. I’m a coach of a highschool team and I’d like to get a onsie for my son to support the team. I really like the little nhl jerseys.

  10. Hi Nate.

    Good article and a nice complement to the website as well by including apparel for the young ones. It`s cool to see the concept of “start`em young,raise`em right” really means a big deal for sport-fan parents. I guess the market for the same concept within music is a big hit as well. 

    Your article is very informational and helpful in giving all these links to different sites to find the baby products. Really cool baseball stuff at MLB-shop for the baseball infant 😉 

    Keep it up and good luck!

  11. Love the idea of dressing your babies up with such novel apparel, Nate! I like to range of items that are available. Overall, this is a well-laid out and definitely a great niche to be part of.

    Could I suggest that you make your images a little bigger for clarity purposes.

    Will spread the word to my family and friends about this website.

    Brilliantly done! 

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