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Being the huge sports fan that I am, I undoubtedly have sports related items on my birthday and/ or Christmas list. Usually this revolves around sports team apparel, such as retro jerseys, hats, and socks.

In this post, I’ll take a look at some ideas to help you get the best gifts for sports fans.


Whoever came up with this idea is likely very rich, as this is one of the cooler concepts that I have seen in a while. Fanchest is a company that sells curated gift boxes of officially licensed sports gear. It markets itself as an easy gift solution for any sports fan, as well as providing great value.

How it Works

On the website there are curated boxes that change twice annually-in April and October. There are standard box, baby box, youth box, and memorabilia box.

The standard box contains 5 items from your favorite team, an $80 value, for $59! Items that have been included in these boxes in the past include blankets, hats, t-shirts, and other licensed merchandise. The Fanchest website shows youth types of items that you may receive.

The memorabilia box features the 5 items from your favorite team, PLUS a signed mini helmet of your favorite player from the chosen team (a certificate of authenticity is included). This box costs $190.

The youth box is a great value at only $39. The baby box costs $49, and all the included items are gender neutral.

I cannot rave enough about how great of a gift idea I think this is. And others agree. Almost every review I’ve seen of this product I’ve seen is 5-star. I will definitely be getting these boxes for my family and friends going forward.


Another popular gift for the sports fan is Memorabilia. This could be anything really; some examples conclude a bat used by a favorite player, an autographed picture, a game worn jersey, or just about anything that is autographed by a former sports figure.

If you are interested in sports pictures, whether autographed or not, I recently wrote an extensive article discussing some great places to buy sports pictures for your home, office, or fan cave. You can check out this article by Clicking HERE.

My favorite website for buying Sports Memorabilia is the appropriately named, which offers an impressive array of memorabilia items for all budgets. These include signed apparel, helmets, balls, gloves, and photographs.

One of my favorite aspects of is deals of the week section. You can shop by league go find deeply discounted items for your collection. There is even a section with deals under $20!

I can not recommend enough for locating that perfect item for the sports fan in your life.


One gift that I love getting for birthdays and holidays are funky sports themed socks. My favorite brand of sock, including sports themed socks, is Stance Socks. These are truly the best socks that I have ever owned. They are very good quality and they look amazing.

==>Check out my full article on sports themed stance socks!<==


There are thousands of accessories for the sports fan’s home and office. Pretty much anything you own can be bought as a sports-themed item.

By browsing, my #1 Rated website for buying Sports Team Apparel, I was able to find 9000 accessories home and office.

Some of the best gift ideas for sports fans that I found among these accessories are the Gentlmen’s Toiletry Gift box ($59), the team themed beverage refrigerators ($599-$799), and the team themed tabletop bar ($350). These items are just a few of the great gift ideas you can find at

Shop for office accessories

Shop for home accessories


If you are looking for a cool gift for the sports loving woman in your life, look no further than Touch by Alyssa Milano. This clothing line has amazing selection of stylish clothing. If you are interested in finding great gifts for a sports loving woman, check out my full review of Touch By Alyssa Milano.

Additionally, Dooney and Bourke makes some incredible sports-themed purses and bags. I know my wife has her eyes on a Raiders themed Dooney and Bourke purse that I will be getting for her birthday.


Another great gift idea is throwback-style sports
apparel. Every sports fan loves gear that reminds them of the glory days of their favorite team or player. The best source of throwback sports apparel is Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Company, which offers throwback sports team apparel for every budget.

Sports Themed Watches

Recently, I did a lot of research into sports watches
and prepared a full review of my favorites. These watches would make a great gift for any sports fan. There truly are sports watches for every budget, so take a look at my Sports Watch Review.


There really are some great gift ideas out there. In addition to these, check out my review of places to buy sports apparel for additional ideas. You can find many great items that the sports fan in your life will absolutely love.

==>Click Here to browse additional gift ideas<==


  1. These are interesting ideas that I’ve not taken much time to think through. You’ve saved me a lot of time because anytime there’s an opportunity to show a kind gesture to a fan of sports my mind goes blank. I mostly couldn’t think of anything that’s simple but speaks a lot from the heart. 

    My Professor is a baseball fan and your post really gives me a better perspective of why he’s always happy to receive products of his supporting team. I will start with home and office accessories to get something for his office. Thanks for the ideas shared

  2. I love the idea of FANCHEST and it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it. I looked at the pricing and it’s definitely a great price at the competitive level. Unfortunately, their products regarding the Browns are sold out at the moment but I’m definitely going to keep checking up to see what’s in store there. I’m in dire need of some new Browns gear so I’ll be checking FANCHEST compulsively. 

    1. It is s great idea, and with the moves the Browns are making it is no surprise they are sold out!

      Thank you for stopping by.

  3. My be is where I come from that they have not started this form of marketing but let me say and agree with you whoever came up with that idea is probably very rich person the idea is great it works for all ages. And the price is fair enough for many to afford so bests gifts for sports is on idea that worthy emulating.

  4. Being a sport fan always makes it  easier to appreciate sport related gift. Giving out sport gift is also a way to inspire the recipient of such gift. The gifts  mentioned here are all fantastic. I remember my uncle buying my first pair of soccer boots for me when I was just six.

    Given out a sport gift always have a long lingering memory on the giver and receiver.

    1. Agreed! I still remember the first football I received. I had so many fun hours playing with them.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. To have a number of sports items packed in a gift box is truly a genius idea. It isn’t every day that one gets a sports themed gift package, so giving one of this to a loved one is certainly an awesome idea.

    My younger brother is a huge fan of the English Premier League, getting him a box filled with some very cool apparel of his favorite team will definitely blow his mind.

    What I particularly love about this concept is that I can actually search a particular league apparel within the sites and also get a signed apparel online. The coolest part is they are all within an affordable range. Getting a sports memorabilia for under $20 is certainly a steal.

  6. Neat ideas on how to purchase for a sports fanatic. As a matt of fact my son’s love sports. They would probably eat this write up.

    Thanks for giving me some ideas on what the purchase for their birthdays as well getting prepared for Christmas which is down the road. But believe me, it comes quick.

    This year rather than scrambling around for those days I’ll actually have something already purchased.

  7. Do they offer baseball as well? Baseball season starts real soon if it hasn’t already. I knew I saw it on Fanduel pop back up this week. And, its not too early to plan for Father’s Day as well, it will be here before you know. Fanchest seems like a really awesome idea. Looks like something that would be featured on Ellen or something. Very cool idea.

    1. According to Fanchest, they will be launching MLB soon.  Keep checking back here, and I will update the page as soon as They launch.

  8. What a wonderful and Interesting ideas! I also love this idea of FANCHEST and it seems the first time I’ve ever heard of it. I looked at the pricing and it’s definitely a great price at the competitive level. 
    Fanchest, great company that sells curated gift boxes of officially licensed sports gear. I’ll take a look at these great ideas to help me get the best gifts for sports fans that I have a friends. Even my best friend is a great fan of the English Premier League, getting him a box filled with some very amazing apparel of his favorite team will amaze him Even as I checked the price is fair enough, I can categorically say it’s really a great idea and I would love to get one sooner!

  9. I’m thinking if the websites that you have listed here adapts quickly to what’s happening in the sports world. Like for example, if for this current season suddenly a new team gets on to the top and winning, can these websites produce an up-to-date item like for example, if Orlando Magic suddenly gets on to the top, can they immediately produce sports apparels with Orlando Magic on the print?

  10. Hi Nate,

    I have read your whole product review with all necessary information about Best Gifts For Sports Fan.Really this an awesome review.I enjoyed your review very much.In your review, you mention some important sites of great gift items for sports fans.Among them, I like Fanchest.Here are five items of your favorite group in a box with a low price.And it is available for all ages.I want to buy one for my little brother.I am going to share it with my friends and relatives so that they can take the benefits from this.Thank you so much for sharing this.

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