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Mitchell and Ness: The King of Throwback Sports Team Apparel

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If you are like me, you love vintage sports apparel. There is something about historic apparel that reminds me of how great sports are. They remind me of heroes of the past and that future generations will revere our heroes of today.

One of my personal heroes is Jackie Robinson. Although I never saw him play, I really admire his courage and strength in the face of bigotry and hatred. I also love that he retired rather than play for the hated Giants! I would love to own an authentic Jackie Robinson Jersey. Mitchell and Ness makes that possible.

The king of throwback sports apparel is Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Company. As it’s name suggests, Mitchell and Ness specializes in retro sports items of all type. If you are a fan of throwback apparel like I am, you should definitely check them out!

About Mitchell and Ness

Here is a short video with a brief history about Mitchell and Ness.

If you would like more information about the company, click HERE.

Mitchell and Ness Authentic Jerseys

Mitchell and Ness’ “bread and butter” is the authentic throwback jersey. These jerseys are replicas of the originals in styling. The higher level jerseys are true to the originals in material as well. I would absolutely love to own a closet full of these jerseys.

There are several items available from the $60-$100 level. My favorite item is the MLB mesh batting practice jerseys.  As the name suggests, these are made of mesh material and bear the name and number of your favorite classic player.

Around the $100.00 price point are the NBA hardwood classic swingman jerseys. These have letters and numbers that are not sewn on and are 100 percent polyester.

At approximately $150.00, you can purchase vintage replica NFL jerseys of retiredplayers. There are many great players to choose from. Unlike the NBA jerseys, these have sewn on letters and numbers.

You can start finding authentic MLB retro jerseys at the $170.00 price point. These max out in price at around $270.00 for the top players like a Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth. In spite of the hefty price tag, I fully recommend these jerseys if you are interested in throwback baseball gear. They really are beautiful, and I can’t think of a better way to honor our sports heroes of the past.

At around $275.00 you can purchase authentic NFL throwbackjerseys. These are as close to the real jerseys of yesteryear that you can get. I personally have my eye on an authentic Barry Sanders jersey.

Mitchell and Ness also offers autographed authentic jerseys. These are for the super fan for which no expense is too much. These range I price from approximately $300.00 to $3,800 for an autographed Michael Jordan jersey. There is also a signed Mickey Mantle jersey for over $4,000.

One jersey that I absolutely think Mitchell and Ness missed on are the “split replica jerseys.” These jerseys are ridiculous because one half of the jersey is one color and the other half is another color. I think they look silly and they should be avoided.


Mitchell and Ness offers both current hats and retro hats.

One cool offering is the Mitchell and Ness SnapBack. These remind me of the hats that I wore in my youth that seem to be popular again. These include bott current team logos and retro logos.

For the NBA, Mitchell and Ness Snapbacks come in both current logos and “Hardwood Classics.” The hardwood classics are great because they contain some of the crazy logos and color schemes that were trendy in the past.

Mitchell and Ness also offers NHL and MLS hat SnapBack hats.  Some of these have retro logos, but most are current.

Additionally, the company offers beaniesand buckethats, both in retro and current styles.

If you need help, check out my guidelines for buying NBA hats and NHL apparel.


Another area in which Mitchell and Ness really shines is jackets. They offer a wide array of styles and colors.

One of my favorite items offered by Mitchell and Ness is the retro satin jackets, reminiscent of the satin “Starter” jackets of the late 80’s. These take me back to my childhood when I wanted nothing but a black Raiders starter jacket. My parents being cheap, however, got me a knock off

Another awesome item offered by Mitchell and a Ness are the old NBA warm up jackets. They have some wacky designs that I totally forgot existed.

For NFL teams, it appears Mitchell and Ness has found a niche in selling cold weather vests with team logos on them. These vests look very cozy, and would come in handy for those games in December and January.

Other Items

If you are a fan of vintage sports items, there are a few other really cool things offered by Mitchell and Ness that you need to be aware of.

Mitchell and Ness offers retro style items such as replica pennants. Unfortunately, at this point this only includes the Yankees and Mets. These would be a great addition to show your fandom in your home or office if you are a fan of either of these teams.

The company also offers vintage style t-shirts and tank tops. These shirts are great! Some of them are retro logos and styles. Some of them are new teams or logos made to look like the team has been around forever. It is incredible that they were able to make even the most modern logos look like they have been around for centuries.

Mitchell and Ness also offers some very old school looking NFL coach’s sweaters. These look like they came straight out of NFL films. Unfortunately, they only have limited teams that I could find.


If you are in the market for vintage sports team apparel or items, you should definitely shop Mitchell and Ness. They have a wide variety of throwback jerseys and other apparel that will please any sports fan that loves old school style. In writing this article, I have convinced myself to throw down the cash for a few items, including a Hardwood Classic Sacramento Kings Chris Webber jersey and the apple of my eye, an authentic replica Jackie Robinson jersey.

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  1. Hi Nate,

    I really have a good fortune reading this article. It was well-written and organised. In fact, I have really benefited from it. You pointed out several Sport apparel that I needed to include in my shopping cart this year. I look forward to reading your next informative work. Thank you.

  2. Most of sport fans like to have jerseys of their team from way back. This offers you some kind of fan’s cred if there’s any word like that. I have jerseys of my favourite team from when I wasn’t even born and every time I put it on, people are always wowed and some think it’s passed down from my family. It’s very cool to own retro jerseys.

    However, these jerseys by Mitchell and Ness are they the real retro jerseys or are they made new but retro style?

    Expecting your feedback, thanks

    1. They are replicas.  That’s what makes them great. You can’t find Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson jerseys but for Mitchell and Ness.

  3. Old school jerseys are always so nostalgic especially when you see those players playing as a child and then now they’re retired or what else. I’m personally a badminton player and fan but I always complain about how you can never get apparel that professional players wear. I also wonder if Mitchell and Ness do custom printing on jerseys. It’d be cool if I was able to print my name onto a jersey like I was a part of the team.

  4. Thanks for writing this great and lovely article. I have gained knowledge about Mitchell and Ness Retro Authentic Jerseys and also how to get them.. You pointed out some Sport apparel that I think I should be in my shopping cart before this month ends.. You also said one of your personal heroes is Jackie Robinson, I don’t think you are alone on that one.. He is also one of my heroes, I’ve actually learnt a great deal from himThanks for the article..

  5. This is an interesting post I must say, you’ve done a great job outlining this sporting apparels that is eye catchy, I love the fact that you made the possibility of getting jerseys of old times, my dad is a great fan of Jackie Robinson and I’m thinking about giving him his best Superbowl jersey for his birthday coming up soon. Thanks for making this possible.

  6. This has become such a big market now – even here in Australia the ‘retro’  or throwback rugby jerseys are almost outselling the new ones.  I went to an NFL game this year and noticed quite a few older jerseys there and saw so many people comment on them.  I know that here the Rugby League competition even has a round where the teams play in their old style jerseys – It is a huge money spinner and people love it.  Does that happen over there?


    1. Absolutely!  A lot of NFL teams have retro jerseys that they play in once or twice a year.  Some are great (Lions, Rams) some are hideous (Steelers, Packers).

  7. Thank you so much for this interesting article, you must have put a lot of energy into it and I really appreciate that, so You are aksona fan of Jackie Robinson, seems we share same thing in common. I like him for for his character in facing odds, hatred and adversity. I will check more about Mitchell and ness, it will be nice doing business with them. 

  8. Hello Nate,I did not know that there is a great selection of sports apparel available.  I’m especially fond of Michael Jordan since he is a basketball legend.  It is good to know that authentic autographed is also available as you have mentioned.  It would be easier for me to choose which apparel I like especially knowing that it is a reputable company that stands behind its products with a video about Mitchell and Ness.Thank you for a great review

  9. It’s really cool to keep your old footy jumpers and supporters gear. They seem to hold a place in your heart. American sport is different to sport around the world and possibly if you offered some gear for different sports I would certainly be interested. I’m sure that’s something you are looking at in the future, can’t wait


    1. I will definitely post a review of retro soccer jerseys at some point.  I did post a review of my favorite soccer jerseys you should check out!

  10. This is so wonderful. When I  read about this historic jersey shopping, all my love for retro jerseys just became more intense, I would like to say am really blessed by this informative review, and I  like the fact that it is not only jersey you can shop from Mitchell and Ness. This is really worth my time reading. Thank you. 

  11. I love your review of these retro team jerseys and hats. Ever since I was a kid I have collected baseball memorabilia, cards, books, photos, whatever I could get my hands on! Some of these jerseys, especially of my beloved Minnesota Twins players like Kirby Pucket would be just awesome to add to my collection. I would love a Jackie Robinson jersey, too! What a tremendous man and ball player he was! Do you have any of their items? Are they high quality in your opinion? Thank you for introducing me to this site. Thanks, too, for giving your honest opinion of some of the items that may not be so “cool!”

    1. Kirby Puckett was a great player as well, and a hero to Kings fans.  I own several Mitchell and a Ness items and the quality is great!  Before I knew about Mitchell and ness I bought what I thought was a good quality Jackie Robinson jersey, but I was very disappointed with the quality.  No such issues with Mitchell and Ness.

  12. Thank you for bringing this article to our attention. This is a gold mine for any sports enthusiast that is looking to get the old styles of jerseys. I will be making sure to get some of these as gifts for other sports fans this year. Retro is always In. 

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