MLB Clothing-Baseball Season Is Almost Here!

Major League Baseballs lined up

The wound caused by my Dodgers losing their second World Series is still fresh, but believe it or not baseball season is almost here. Spring training is about to start, and before you know it we will be singing about peanuts and cracker jacks.

In honor of the fast approaching first pitch, Sports Team Apparel is here to help you get your MLB clothing picked out and ordered for opening day!


MLB Hats

A baseball cap is a must have item for every baseball fan. There are several brands of MLB caps, each made of different material.

New Era

One popular brand of MLB hats is New Era Cap Company, which is a company based in Buffalo, NY. The company has been around since 1920, so it is a very trusted name in sports team apparel.

They offer several styles, from on-field fitted to SnapBack truckers hats. New Era also offers team gear in alternate colors, which I don’t prefer but the young kids seem to. My favorite items from New Era are the Cooperstown collection hats, especially the Brooklyn Dodgers hats that are made of wool.

‘47 Brand

Another popular brand is ‘47, a company founded by Italian immigrants in Boston.  Their amazing story can be found on their website.

47 brand offers a number of great product lines, and thy are sure to have the perfect hat for  you. I and my family members have personally owned a number of ‘47 brand hats.  They look great and are very comfortable.

==>Click Here to Shop ’47Brand<==

==> Check Out My Guidelines For Choosing an MLB Hat<==

MLB Baseball Jerseys

The MLB baseball jersey of your favorite team or player would be an awesome addition to anyone’s wardrobe. In looking for a jersey, there are various price points to choose from.

The highest price point jersey is the Authentic Collection Player Jersey. As the name suggests, these are authentic jerseys. These cost between $300.00 and $400.00 depending on the team and/or player. You also have the ability to create custom MLB jerseys if you wish. If you are looking for the “best of the best” this is the jersey for you.

The next level MLB baseball jersey available is the Authentic Collection Flex Base Player Jersey. These jerseys cost between $200.00-$300.00; you can find some on sale for around $150.00.

If you are looking for cheap MLB jerseys, Some replica jerseys cost less than $100.00. Also, you can find some discount MLB jerseys online. However, these will likely not be authentic jerseys.

Authentic Throwback Jerseys

One really amazing piece of MLB clothing is the
Mitchell and Ness throwback jerseys. These are replica jerseys of all-time great MLB Jerseys. You can purchase replica jerseys of players like Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson. These jerseys run from $80.00 for the throwback replica jerseys to $350.00 for authentic throwback jerseys.


Baseball Hoodies and Sweatshirts

MLB has some of my favorite hoodies, and I wear a LOT of hoodies. I am in the market for a new Dodgers hoodie, so I will be shopping as I write this article.

Nike offers a unique MLB hoodies. They appear to be a button-up jersey with a hooded sweatshirt underneath, but they are just one piece. The hoodie does button close, which I do not prefer. I do think they are a cool concept.  These cost about $99.00.

Nike also offers a full zip hoodie with an oversized logo of your favorite team on the front. These are a little more classic looking, which fits my style choices. These will cost about $80.00.

One item that I really love is the Head Coach hoodie or sweatshirt from Mitchell and Ness. Although this is a bit of a misnomer because baseball has managers that wear uniforms like the players, the design is very vintage, which I really like. These will run you about $90.00 and the team selections are limited.

As a lover of Sports and Star Wars, I think the MLB Star Wars themed sweatshirts are pretty cool. However, I would only recommend these if you are a huge Star Wars fan or have several items from the team already and are looking for something different.

Columbia also offers a full zip hoodie that is very sharp. These look like they would be warmer than a regular sweatshirt and more like a jacket, but the styling is on point regardless. These run about $75.00.

The winner and the sweatshirt I think I will be purchasing, is very basic, but I love the simplicity. It is the Victory Arch Pullover. If you are like me, you like conservative design without a lot of extra. If that is the case, you will love this sweatshirt.

MLB T-Shirts

As baseball season drags on into summer, you are going to want to put those sweatshirts away and break out the t-shirts and tank tops. Luckily, there are many options to choose from, allowing you to stay cool while representing your favorite team.

It would be an impossible task to go over the thousands of MLB t-shirts that are available (there are over 1000 for the Dodgers alone). However, I will share a few of my favorites.

One of my favorite styles of t-shirt is the “distressed” look. Even though your t-shirt may be new, or looks like it’s been in your family for years.

I also like the Hometown t-shirts, which incorporates a little of the team’s city into the shirt. For example, the Yankees hometown shirt has subway signs.

Finally, I really like the t-shirts that have the logo on front with the team’s home state. I think this is a nice touch to connect the team to the area at large.

MLB Socks

I love wearing MLB socks. In fact, I am wearing a
pair of Dodger socks as I write this. My favorite, by far, are the MLB socks from Stance. They are so comfortable and cozy, and seem to never lose their color or wear out. I will shortly be purchasing every pair the offer for the Dodgers.

Of course, as they are the official provider of Socks for MLB, they will have plenty of choices for your favorite team. Basically, I can not recommend these socks enough.

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Spring is on its way and soon baseball season will be upon us. There is plenty of time to get your MLB clothes in time for opening day. Hopefully your team won’t break your heart this year like mine does every year.
MLB gear at Fanatics.com


  1. Reading through article gives more understanding about MLB base ball, I have always been a fan and lover base ball, the upcoming baseball season, I have prepared and ordered MLB baseball clothes. The MLB hat will also be part of what am wearing to follow the season, it’s my best sport and game

  2. Trust me when I say that you are definitely not the only one that feels bad about that loss. It’s like it hunts me everyday and even keeps me up late at night. 

    Anyway, we are in the market for some clothing as the season is getting close to starting. I love some of your selections and might be thinking of getting some.

    The authentic jerseys have to be really authentic for that sought of price and I think that is what I would be going for. I would have to consider my wallet before I go for the other items you listed as their pricing though is ok but would still cost some money.

  3. Never really been a football fan but my BF is a Dodgers fan and believe me when I say he’s still sulking… Lol….hehe… OK, well, it’s not so funny seeing you guys take these things to heart. So, his birthday is coming up in April, maybe I should buy him something from your list from his favorite team. For a budget of $200, what would you suggest?? I like the hoodies though, I can also use them:-)

  4. Love it! I can find my team’s hat and uniform easily from your site.  I had a little difficult time with viewing the video clip, I’m assuming it was of the Dodgers playing. Maybe I’d have to disable my security.   

    It was heart breaking that they didn’t win, but so fun watching them play.  On the edge of my seat.  Thank goodness baseball season is upon us once again.

    1. Thanks for visiting the site!  Baseball is a great sport but it will break your heart.  Let me know if you need help finding anything specific.

  5. There you go you have just solved my problem. My son best friend is turning 16 and is a super huge baseball fan, baseball player, baseball everything.I was running around thinking of what to get him for his birthday since it is an important one but could not make up my mind. I don’t even know why I did not think about baseball items. Thank yous so so much. You not only saved my day but I am sure we are gonna have a very happy 16 years old boy

  6. Am a big fan of baseball and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these gears. I’m going to mosey on over to your blog and take a look under the hood. I’m sure others will be as good as this post. Your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job. 

  7. Wow, This is a very timely post. Baseball is my favorite game and I enjoy it very much. I love to wearing Hat and jersey of my favorite team. I am looking best clothing for the upcoming baseball season. I have read your post carefully and I have liked MLB clothing. I will buy my favorite team hat and jersey from MLB clothing.

  8. Thanks so much for this breakdown…I personally am not one to go head to toe in baseball gear but I have plenty of friends and family that I know would be all about this. I ha no idea there were so many options out there. These give me some really great gift ideas. I appreciate you gave information on a variety of products…this gives me options for those who prefer the more subtle fan appearance all the way to those who want to be covered head to toe! Thanks so much!

    1. No problem.  Thanks for visiting and let me know if you need more assistance.  I’m happy to help. What are their favorite teams?

  9. I’m from the uk so baseball isn’t really my sport but I love all the clothing and apparel that they have for it. My uncle went to the US on holidays last year and brought me back an official Yankees shirt which I absolutely adore, the only problem is that my wife keeps stealing it to wear to bed, lol

    I think the New York Mets hoodie is awesome and I just have to get one, or maybe 2 even. Can they get shipped to the UK? If so how much would shipping cost?


  10. Great!!! Very happy finding your article on MLB clothing. I was researching about finding a new outfit for my grandson, turning 18 in early March, and recently he has mentioned that he wants some new “stuff” as he says. 🙂

    Well, there is certainly lots of “stuff” to choose from and I will browse, once again, through your site to let my grandson decide what he wants. No clue what his taste is but I know he certainly will be thrilled.

    He is such a great Baseball Fan.

    Thanks for sharing, appreciated.

  11. This just brought good old memories. I played softball for almost four years but then it was a sport that didn’t get a lot of support back in my country(sadly). In fact, my coach made us practice with baseball as well. I love MLB Clothing. Do they have Clothing and softball accessories for women? 

  12. You have done an excellent job for creating this nice post. Although I am not a fan of MLB base ball, I am a football fan and a supporter of arsenal football club. However, I must admit that I love these collection of jerseys you listed. Even though the price of the MLB authentic jersey is very high, I think it shows that MLB is for the big boys. My elder brother is a die hard supporter of MLB and  he will be more than happy if I get the authentic jersey and hat for him as a surprise package for his birthday which comes up next month. 

    1. First-Thanks for stopping by, even if you are an Aresnal

      Supporter 🙂

      Let me know if you need help picking a Jersey.  Do you know what his favorite team is?

  13. An interesting article. I have an authentic jersey of my favourite basketball team Miami heats. I am not really a baseball follower, but i always do love baseball teams hood when anytime I see one. There hoods design are always top notch! I want to buy one. How can I get one and can it be shipped to my country?

  14. I love how easy it is to get fully decked out in your favorite MLB team’s gear just from your site.  Over the years I’ve moved away from following sports but recently my boys are becoming interested again and we’re looking into gear.  

    I used to have jerseys, t-shirts, and sweatshirts.  I then you know when my dream of going pro were shattered as a kid I kinda drifted away.  I had never heard of socks before but love the idea especially as my oldest son is a crazy sock fanatic.  I’ll have to surprise him and grab him some from Stance for his birthday.  Thanks for the good insight and reigniting my MLB sportswear desire once again.  

    1. First and foremost thanks for stopping by. I personally have gone through peaks and valleys in my fanhood, but I love sports too much to give up, even if my teams are bad. If you need help finding some stance socks let me know!

  15.  My younger brother is a lover and great fan of Base Ball unlike me. From your article I feel I should buy him something  from his favorite team. I like the Authentic Throwback Jerseys but I want to believe this is really authentic considering the price listed. Or is there any other stuff you would recommend I buy for him to make him happy apart from the Authentic Throwback Jerseys for a BB fan?

    1. Every baseball fan needs a baseball cap! I recommend a cap and t-shirt combo, which you can probably get for right around $50-$60. Do you have anything in mind?  I could help you narrow it down if you let me know the favorite team and type of item you are looking for.

  16. It’s only February, but we baseball fans are fixated on Opening Day from the moment the Super Bowl is over. How lucky we are that 2019 will mark the earliest Opening Day of Baseball in history with pitches being thrown out on March 28! Like you, I’m a huge Dodger fan — and I was fortunate enough to witness Fernando Valenzuela’s no-hitter in 1990 (and can still hear Vinnie saying “If you have a sombrero, throw it to the sky!”)  Although I moved from the L.A. area decades ago, I’ve kept my Dodger Pride alive by wearing Dodger apparel. Even so, I honestly didn’t realize there were as many options as you point out in your article. Since I recently relocated to north-eastern TN from the Tampa area (never could get into being a Rays fan haha), I’m definitely in need of some warmer wear, so now I’m thinking Dodger hoodie or sweatshirt. I especially like that clean, classic, “simple” grey LA sweatshirt you’ve pictured, too. And, until I read your article, I never thought about wearing sports team SOCKS. How fun! I wish I could afford any of the official jerseys you describe, but, alas, I think I’ll have to stick with more moderately-priced choices. I appreciate that you (ahem) covered all the bases of sports team apparel that’s available, from pricey authentic jerseys to affordable everyday options. Plus I give you big props for picturing a Mets hoodie…that couldn’t have been easy for a Dodger fan! lol  Thanks for your insights, Nate. Go Dodgers!

    1. Thank you for visiting and for the kind words.  If you ever need help finding anything specific let me know. More them happy to help out a fellow Dodger fan!

  17. Wow, those are cool MLB clothings! If only I live in the US, I want to bought the sweatshirt and jerseys. My cousin are living there and he is a fan of Dodgers. I’m sure he will love the jerseys and caps, but I think it’s a bit costly. Do you know what season usually stores throw discount for MLB clothings? I’m also forwarding your article to my cousin. He will love this article 🙂

  18. thanks for sharingI liked your article well explained by youI also want a goofy scarf to probably buy from your website though maybe I seem to be amazed to buying and watching them a lot when they play but I really do not know what game they played I would to go back to you for new items from you

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