MLB Hats: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly of Baseball Team Hats.

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MLB hats have varied greatly over the years. Some are timeless, some are poor, and some are hideous.
Let’s explore the classics, the retired greats, the terrible current hats, and the all time worst baseball team hats in history.

The Classics

A few MLB hats are classics that should never be messed with, as they are synonymous with baseball itself. They are so iconic that they are recognized the world over as the symbol of their team and city. Here are some MLB hats that will never go out of style:


The most iconic MLB hat of all time. The classic navy blue with the white “NY” has been worn for decades by great players and celebrities alike.


Both the classic “B” of the Brooklyn Dodgers or the “LA” of the current team are a clean look. The royal blue really makes the white of the lettering pop.

Red Sox:

Another classic look that instantly causes one to recognize someone from Boston. The red “B,” however, does not stand out as boldly as plain while lettering.


Another classic lid that is synonymous with a city. Unlike the red “B” of the Red Sox, the red “C” really stands out against royal blue.


Although the color scheme is pretty basic, this hat is classic for the Old English “D” on the hat. This symbol is instantly recognizable as representing Detroit, and has been worn by the great Tiger players of old.

The Retired Greats

There are a few MLB hats should never have gone away. Unfortunately, these caps were retired for one reason or another. Two occasionally make it back onto the field, while one will likely never be seen again.


This is one of my favorite MLB hats of all time. Unfortunately, however, it disappeared when the Expos became the Washington Nationals. The Red, White and Blue “M” stood out boldly against the white background of the cap. This is a great lid to get your hands on.


I really miss seeing the brew crew play every day in the old yellow and royal cap with the baseball and glove. This cap reminds me of watching baseball as a kid. This cap is much better than the wheat shaft of the current Brewers logo.


Specifically, I am referring to the old stove top hat. This look was so unique, yet the Pirates were able to make it work. The black and yellow color scheme is deeply rooted in The soul of Pittsburgh.

Blue Jays and Orioles:

This is a bit of a stretch, because the logos of these two teams are consistent with the hats I love, but both of these teams’ hats were better with the logo set against a white background, similar to the classic Expos hats.

The Bad Current Hats

Although most of the current MLB hats are acceptable, those listed below are hideous. The teams in question would be wise to dump the current design and start over:


This is a baseball club that, as you will see below, has never gotten it right when it comes to their hats. The current edition has horrible colors, and the incorporation of the triangle pattern is just cheesy. The Diamondbacks should go back to the drawing board.


The old fish logo was pretty classy. I have no idea why it was scrapped for this current monstrosity. The current Miami logo looks like a box of Lucky Charms threw up on it.

The Worst of All Time

These MLB hats belong in the cap hall of shame. They are all very ugly and/or shameful, and even old school fans of these teams likely agree.


The brown and yellow edition of the original Padres hats might be the ugliest hats ever. It looks like baby vomit after eating peas. The Padres were wise to switch their color scheme entirely, and be current edition is decent.


Although the color scheme of the Indians MLB hat is fine, the Indians must be included as one of the worst MLB hats of all time because of the presence of their racist logo. It was very offensive, and the Indians were wise to switch to the classier block “C” on their hats.

Devil Rays:

The original Devil Rays hats were exceedingly tacky. The presence of an actual Devil Ray on the hat was trying to be different, but it turned out it was different in a bad way. The revised edition of the Tampa Bay MLB hats are much classier and more in line with baseball tradition.


The San Francisco Giants have the worst MLB hats in history. They remind us all summer that Halloween is coming with their ugly orange and black color scheme. I am only saying this because I am a Dodger fan and I am obligated to do so.


The original MLB hats of the Diamondbacks are even worse than the current edition. The color scheme of teal and purple look straight out of a 90’s Sitcom, and the logo on the hat is way too busy. This hat had no business in a traditional sport like baseball.

Do You Disagree?

We all have our own preferences regarding what constitutes a good and bad MLB hat. Did I miss any of your favorites? Do you disagree with any of the MLB hats that I think are good or bad? Post your comments and let the debate begin!

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  1. There is no hat worth buying that’s not an Atlanta Braves hat!

    Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased being a Braves fan myself. If I’m being fair, however, I have to say that it has to be the absolute best looking ball cap out there. The clean white A on the dark blue hat is unparalleled. Also, if you choose the black on white or white on black it also looks fantastic.

    Personally I’ve had the classic braves hat from the early 80s for I don’t know how long. I really do love that hat. It’s so unique and I constantly get questioned on it. It’s also the classic red, white, and blue. I definitely think the Braves deserve to be at the top of this list. 

    If not because they are the best team ever maybe just because they have a cool hat for those just looking for a nice ball cap.

    Thanks for the article!


    1. Thanks for visiting the site.  My wife is a Braves fan and owns several Braves hats. I love the same one you are talking about from the Dale Murphy days.  

      Things are looking up for the Braves….you guys are ahead of schedule and should be good for years!

  2. I’m going to have to disagree on the Giants! I’m a huge SF Giants fan. I was a bat boy way back in the day; when they played at Candlestick Park.

    You could definitely move the Dodgers down to the ugly list, hahaha. :-p

    All kidding aside, this was a fun page to read and even reminisce to some of the older days. It would be cool if you added some pictures.

    This is a cool page I’m bookmarking to check out more of. Thanks for making it.


    1. Thank you for visiting the site.  I’m glad you like it.  I loved Candlestick.  When I was little my dad took me to see Fernando pitch. He wouldn’t let me wear my Dodger hat though. It was always just a friendly rivalry, but unfortunately it has turned violent recently.  Hopefully it will get back to being a fun rivalry.

  3. If I’m to choose which of the hats is best I would go for the one with the black color and bears the logo with a ball in front. On the side is the AZ mark. Why? Because it speaks of the game being played by the team whoever wears that hat.

    If I own one, wherever I go it tells anyone that I’m a fan of that game and they too can understand it easily because of that logo.

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