NFL Clothing: Display Your Fanhood in Style!

Aaron Rodgers throwing a pass

A few weeks ago, I posted a review of NFL beanies. Today, I am going to expand on that idea and review additional NFL clothing and
accessories. It is my hope that this article will help you navigate the minefield of choices out there and find the NFL clothing or accessories that are best for you.

NFL Jerseys

If you are considering purchasing an NFL jersey, you need to be aware that there are several price points representing different levels of quality.

The highest price point is for the Elite Jerseys. These are produced by Nike, and are described as the “authentic on-field jerseys of the pros.” These are very high quality items, and this is reflected in the price, which run around $300.00.

The next price point down is for the Limited Jerseys. While these jerseys are high quality, they are only inspired by the on-field Jersey, and not authentic like the Elite jerseys. The Limited jerseys. Cost around $150.00.

Finally, there is the “Game Jersey,” which runs right around $100.00. These aren’t as nice as the other two level, but are good quality nonetheless. One major difference is that the numbers and names on the jersey are screen printed on, and are not sewn on like the other two levels
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Hooded Sweatshirts

One of my favorite items of NFL clothing is the hooded sweatshirt. I own probably 10-20 hooded sweatshirts, with at least one for each of my favorite sports teams.

You better believe that I own a nice Raider hooded sweatshirt. I love it because it has a huge Raiders shield sewn on the front.

When looking for NFL hoodies, there are several things that determine price. For example, a cotton sweatshirt with a screen print logo will cost you around $60.00.

Nike offers a line of hooded sweatshirts called Sideline Performance. These sweatshirts cost between $50.00 and $140.00. They are made of Nike “Therma Fabric” instead of cotton, which helps to keep you warmer.


I love the NFL jackets available right now. Some of them have a great look that reminds me of the jackets that we wore growing up in the 90’s.

One of the jacket lines I really like is the JH Design jackets. These jackets are beautiful, and resemble the “Starter” jackets of years past. The price of these jackets depends on the material of the jacket you select. A “poly twill” jacket costs around $100.00, while a wool jacket with embroidered logos will run from $169.00 to $350.00. They even offer leather jackets for around $800.00.

Another unique item that I’ve never really seen before are the Levi’s Denim Jackets embroidered with your favorite NFL team. These are a new-look that has an old school feel. These jackets range in price from $40.00 to $150.00.

Finally, for your more frigid climates, the NFL offers Puffer Jackets. These are designed to keep you warm on those frigid days when you still want to show loyalty to your team. They normally cost around$100.00, but several teams are on sale for $50.00.

NFL Clothing For Women

One question I get often is what items of NFL clothing are available for women. The NFL does a good job at creating and marketing clothes for women. Here is my best attempt to describe what NFL clothes for women look cool from a guy’s perspective.

Touch by Alyssa Milano is a popular line of NFL clothing for women. My wife owns several of these items and loves them. I would highly recommend is line if you are looking for sports clothing for women.

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One item that I think is phenomenal is the NFL sweater dress. I am a fan of sweaters for myself, and I think that sweater dresses look so cute and cozy when women wear them. The sweater dresses a regularly priced at about $75.00, but you can find them on sale for around $50.00.

There are also different dresses available if you are not a fan of the sweater dresses.

Another cool line of items for women are the Dooney and Bourke NFL-themed purses. These are emblazoned with the logo of your favorite NFL
team. These purses run from about $150.00 to $250.00.

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There are numerous other tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, legging, and tank tops. If you aware a fan of 90’s fashion like me, you will like the NFL themes flannel shirts for women

NFL Jewelry

One item that I did not expect to see, but learned does exist, is NFL jewelry.

There are several types of items available, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, and pins. There are even three item sets that include NFL themed cuff links, tie clips, and money clips.

One set of items that I think looks really nice are the watches. The NFL themed watches run from $40.00 to $175.00.

The $175.00 watches are made by Jack Mason out of stainless steel, glass and leather. The lesser expensive watches are made by Sparo or Timex and still appear to be good quality.

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Miscellaneous Items

A few miscellaneous items that I want to mention, as there are several items of NFL clothing that do not fit neatly into the other categories above.

Nike offers Air Max Typha shoes with NFL team logos. I had no idea these even existed. They are
actually not cheesy at all and are tastefully done. There are other shoe options as well if you are looking for NFL themed footwear.

There are also numerous legging and pant options available for men, women, and youth. These include the same pants that the players wear when on the sidelines.

I am also a hug fan of flannel pajamas. I own a pair of Raiders flannel pajamas that are completely worn out. The NFL offers a great line of flannel pajamas and other sleepwear for Men, Women and children.


Whatever NFL clothing you are looking for, you will likely find it. In researching for this article, I was surprised by the array of apparel that is out there do purchase. In reality, your entire wardrobe from head to toe could be NFL apparel should you so choose. Hopefully, this article will help you on your search.
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  1. Well, the NFL has thought of everything.  I always knew you could buy clothes, but now they have jewelry and purses, that’s genius.  LOL.  Wouldn’t my son be so proud if his mom had a Packers (his all-time favorite team) purse, lol!  I think he’d actually be pretty thrilled about that ha ha.  Well, now I know where to go for some great gifts for him for Christmas, but I think I’ll stick to a sweatshirt for him.  I’m not sure he’d like a purse.

    1. Thanks for visiting.  The purses look pretty amazing from the perspective of a non-purse user.  I do know that D&B  is a good brand.

  2. Nice information about NFL clothing varieties. I actually planned to buy the jersey before reading your article here as a gift for my cousin, but the sweatshirt got e distracted. US$ 60 sounds like a good deal. How many color varieties do the sweatshirt got? Oh and also, is there any NFL caps or hats that you can recommend? Thank you for your information

    1. Thanks for visiting the site.  Usually, the sweatshirts come in the team colors or black and grey.

      The article has a link to a previous article I wrote on NFL beanies. The same discussion can be applied to caps.

  3. I have several sports fan in my house and I purchase few jerseys for Christmas.  I wish I had your website then so I knew what I was doing.  but the good news is that now I can save it and go back to it, when birthdays and other special occasions come around.

    Thanks for the educational moment.  You never know what you are going to learn.

  4. I love the denim jacket, you can wear that in any occasion while you can represent your favorite team in your style! And it’s Levi’s!! The NFL Theme foot wear are so cute too! I think my husband is going to love these, it will be perfect for us to wear them when we go to see the game for next season 🙂 Thank you for sharing this amazing idea.

  5. I always knew you could get the jerseys of NFL teams  as I have the cowboys jersey from way back…. kind of inherited it. But, with the addition of purses, jewellery and even female wears, the NFL has really elevated the game. More people will be looking to make a fashion statement in an NFL apparel.

  6. Wow NFL apparel and accessories. Way to go NFL fans. wooo hooo! This is awesome. I could definitely find stuff to gift for the family. I love the women sweater dress, I wish the link worked. But I will keep searching  through your other links. The purses are fantastic as well. I’m excited now. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I had no idea that they made denim jackets and jewellery. I absolutely love the Levi’s denim jacket. It looks great. Do you know what kind of movement is used in the watches? If they are mechanical or quartz? I am sure that time does quartz but I have seen some fancy movements in them as well? Thank you for this, I had no idea that you could purchase this.. I know what to get my sports crazy American friends for their birthdays now. 

  8. This is pure lovely. Thank you for taking your time to write this stupefying post. I have always know that almost all sport team sell cloth and other items. But an NFL team selling jewelries, purse sounds wonderful. Selling for 60$ is really a good deal to me. But i really need you to recommend at cap and or other items I can order. Thank you

  9. Wow, what an insightful review on NFL clothing. I think with this level of business ideas, paying their players won’t be a problem and I  would like to join the club one day (smiles). Come to think of it, that have given it every thought and the best business associate to deal with like Nike, and they made it easy for every fan to be able to buy their products; elite, limited and game jerseys. This is really useful and helpful shopping with NFL. Thanks Nate. Good job. 

  10. Dear Nate,

    This is one of the most excellent and well detailed product guide I’ve read lately on NFL Clothing.

    You have given me plenty to think about here. This post is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of, mainly I am not aware that NFL jewelry exist.

    When I checked the rates of watches and hooded sweatshirts which I am interested, I was surprised to see the rates are much affordable and for sure its on my list. I am also going to share this post with my friends and they will enjoy it.

    Much Success!


    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site. I was also surprised that the jewelry existed, but agree that it is very very affordable!

  11. Hi,

    I have read the whole review about this information.This is really a great information about NFL Clothes.I did not know anything about the NFL before. I got to know about NFL by reading your article. I likes all the NFL products.I was inspired to buying NFL Jersey by reading your article.I will share this article with my friends.Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  12. This nicely pulls together the majority of the apparel you can get. I like your summary of the jerseys as I didn’t realize the difference. That is probably because I am too cheap to go above the $100 price point.

    Which jersey would you recommend for a team that trades it players frequently? The one and only time I bought a jersey the player was traded the next off season. If not, is it easier to remove the name on the Elite and Limited jerseys or the “Game” jersey


    1. Thanks for visiting the site and for your question.  Many of the jerseys are customizable, so you can put whatever you want on it (within reason-the NFL does have some rules about customized jerseys).  You could put your nickname on the back or whatever you want.

  13. Thanks for sharing this timely post on NFL clothing , got to admit I never realized the  variety of  NFL woman’s accessories that were available , especially the purses . While the jerseys are nice they are a bit expensive for my tastes  and agree that the sweat shirts are more to my liking as you can wear them for every day . Just wondering are the Air Max Typha shoes available on Amazon ?

  14. Dear Nate,I must say this most comprehensive post about NFL Clothing. I do watch the NFL league over the TV but this post opened my eyes to all sorts NFL products. I am particularly interested in NFL jacket – JH Design Jackets. I have checked this jacket on the Fanatic site and they have so many choices to choose from and the price is very reasonable. I will definitely get one for myself. I am also going to share this post with my friends and they will love it.

    Thank yoi

  15. Hi Nate,

    As a person who loves football and jerseys so much, having a good jersey is a crucial and essential thing, therefore I am very happy that I’ve stumbled across your review because I’m actually looking to upgrade my sporting gear and setups.

    All in all, thanks for such informative review, I found it to be very helpful and enjoyable. Keep up the great work Nate 😉

    1. Thank you for stopping by.  I know I really want to upgrade to a nicer Raiders jersey.  I have one that is signed by Bo Jackson, but I am too scared to wear it!

  16. Wow, NFL has a wide variety of things. There are so many things to choose from. I am the one who use hooded sweatshirt almost all the time. What I like most about NFL may be that they have sweater dresses. They would be helpful for me in winter. I also like some of their watch styles and the prices of some products are somewhat reasonable. 

    This is in my gift list. Thank you for sharing this great information.

  17. What’s up Nate?

    this was a hell of an article, I truly enjoyed reading it as it was very informative as it is also one that shows why your Sports Team Apparel website rocks! Yeah, that’s my way of saying thank you for writing a thorough article on all the numerous types of NFL clothing and accessories available to both men and women. 

    I thought I had seen it all.

    Boy, is that far from the truth!

    Those Levi’s Denim NFL Jackets were definitely something that I was not expecting to know existed, and that only brings me to wonder about just how much of all kinds of unimaginable products exist out there for us football fans!

    great job on this article Nate, I can’t wait til you start talking NFL themed party accessories and decorations,

    cause there’s never a dull moment knowing that where you keep your favorite dip is where you also hold it down for whomever anyone cheers for.



    1. Thanks for visiting and for the compliments.  It will be a slight break in format, but I’ll consider adding a post on party accessories.

  18. Some great sporting wear on display here – you’ve given me great ideas for my NFL-mad daughter who is constantly on the lookout for new fan ware. 

    I have a question regarding the NFL clothing for women – do these sizes also cover young teenager’s sizes? I’m looking for something for a 14 year old girl?

  19. Thanks for writing this article. It’s amazing how many varied items you can purchase to show loyalty to your team! I have only owned a couple of jersey’s during my lifetime (since you are a Raiders fan, sorry to say, they were Steelers jerseys!) and they were more of the middle of the road as far as price point and quality. The worst part is when you buy a jersey with your favorite player’s name on it and then they either leave via free agency or get traded!

    As far as the jersey’s are concerned, do you think it is a smart idea to save the cheaper ones for maybe kids who are still growing, while waiting to get the high-priced, authentic jerseys for something more permanent?

    1. First…thanks for stopping by.  I don’t hate the Steelers…my step kids like the Steelers and I love the, anyways. 😂 

      I agree about less expensive jerseys for kids.  They sure grow fast, and it makes little sense to buy an 8 year old an expensive jersey they will grow out of.

  20. Wow, I really learned a lot about the quality of jerseys here. I had no idea that there were names associated with the quality. I mean, I knew there were different levels of quality as there is with anything, but now I know exactly which level to look for next time I get my husband a jersey as a gift. Thanks for that! I also get a kick out of that sweater dress. My sister-in-laws birthday is coming this spring and she is obsessed with the MN Vikings–I bet she would love something like that.

  21. Hi Nate,

    This a very good comprehensive review about NFL clothing and sports team apparel. One of my close relative recently selected for International cricket team. I am planning to give him a best gift for him. I think hooded sweatshirt or jacket will be best for him.Do you have any suggestion? Thanks for sharing this helpful review.

  22. This is a great article.  However sadly to say I am not A NFL fan.  But the good news is I am a NHL fan so I am always looking for hockey apparel.  More like Edmonton Oilers.

    Thank you for taking the time to do the research and bring us a great place to order sports apparel.  I am absolutely going to look for more Oilers stuff


  23. Thanks Nate for this review. I’ve purchased several jerseys of my favorite team in the past, I’m unaware there are also other clothing types and different accessories for every teams. It’s time to rock the stores and order for the items. Sweatshirts, Jackets, jewelries etc.

    Your articles are always loaded and gives important information. More ink to your pen.

  24. These NFL products actually appears to be a product of very high quality and that’s what I feel like they really are. I likes to put on Jessey and it makes me look smart. Though I barely play football often but I still put on my Jessey always as a  Jessey lover and I think NFL jerseys will be very good for me

  25. Thank you Nate for this post and the introduction to some of the other items that are available from the NFL. I have a family who love the NFL and we have purchased quite a few NFL shirts for numerous teams but the thing that drew my interest was the watches. I have a husband who loves watches and I am wondering if you know if there is a Detroit Lions watch. 

    I will certainly come back and visit this site again to see what new things and old things you have covered that could come in useful for things like birthdays and Christmas.

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