NHL Apparel: Opinions of a Hockey Novice

NHL Hockey game

Right up front I must confess that I am not a huge fan of Hockey. I usually will only watch a game if it’s a big rivalry or if it is playoff time.

I don’t have any ties to a particular team.

I am interested, however, in NHL apparel. Some hockey logos and color schemes are amazing, and would be great additions to any wardrobe.

So without further delay, here are my novice recommendations for NHL apparel you should consider.


Original Six

Apparently, there was a period of time when the NHL only had six teams in the league.

These teams were known as the Original Six (For a more detailed history, click HERE).

From an apparel standpoint, all of these teams have solid logos and color schemes. Here are my rankings of Original Six apparel:

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs jerseys might be the coolest in all of sports. Not only are they grammatically incorrect, which is unique in and of itself, but the blue and white color scheme is very clean

Montreal Canadiens

Another classic jersey with a great color scheme and an iconic logo. The only factor keeping them from the top spot in my rankings is how great the Maple Leafs apparel is.

New York Rangers

While some might see this apparel as the most boring of the Original Six, I actually think it is great. I admittedly am a sucker for blue apparel, and the basic lettering fives this apparel some old school flare.

Boston Bruins

I rank this jersey very closely to the Rangers, but a little lower because I prefer blue and red to black and yellow. They do have an alternate jersey that, if it became their primary logo, would push the Bruins to my top place among NHL apparel.

Detroit Red Wings

I must admit my bias here. I don’t like the Red Wings. The only hockey game I attended was between the Red Wings and the Sharks. I was supporting the sharks and rooted against the Red Wings, and my dislike has persisted. They do have a very iconic logo, which ties in nicely to the Detroit auto industry. I cannot get over my bias, however, and I have to rank them near the bottom of the Original Six in NHL apparel.

Chicago Blackhawks

 I had a hard time ranking this apparel, because I don’t particularly care for logos based on depictions of a Native Americans. This logo, however, appears to be in better taste than some others in professional sports. Apparently, the name and logo were intended as signs of honor, although the use of the logo is not without controversy.

Western Conference

Many of the iconic NHL teams are in the Eastern conference, so it is harder to choose my favorite NHL apparel from the western conference, but there are a few teams with great looks. Here are my favorites:

Winnipeg Jets

Good to see the Jets in the NHL again. The team really did a great job with its logo and color scheme.

Edmonton Oilers

The logo and color scheme of the Oilers screams classic NHL to me. How can you beat a jersey worn by the Great One.

San Jose Sharks

I am generally not a fan to teal when it. Ones to sports teams. Too many expansion teams used it at is was a trendy color in the past. The Shark logo, however, is too imposing to leave off the list.

Vancouver Canucks

Blue and green together is one of my favorite color combinations. The whale logo is a nice touch as well.

Eastern Conference

The Eastern Conference has a lot of classic teams and color schemes. Here are my choices for the best Easter Conference looks

Philadelphia Flyers

Although I am generally not a fan of orange and black color schemes, the Flyers logo and look is fairly iconic. Plus, they have a super cool mascot!

Pittsburgh Penguins

I really like the Penguin logo, and the black and yellow color scheme is iconic Pittsburgh.

Ottawa Senators

Yet another Canadian hockey team that gets it right. Love the simplicity of the black and white color scheme, and the logo is classic.

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres have gone through several logo types and color schemes over the years, and I feel they finally got it right here. The Buffalo symbol is obviously closely tied to their city, and the crossed swords are a nice touch.

NHL Apparel To Avoid

As with all sports leagues, there are some less than stellar apparel designs in the NHL. Here are the team’s apparel that you should avoid:

Minnesota Wild

I don’t even know where to begin with this mess. The color scheme is unappealing ( forest green, maroon, and beige?) and I’m not sure what the logo is trying to be. It appears that the team is trying to turn something inanimate into some sort of animal. I would pass on this apparel.

Anaheim Ducks

Oh, Mighty Ducks, what are you doing here? It was a bad idea to name a professional sports team after a Disney movie, and the team has been trying to dig its way off of that hole ever since. This logo is horrendous, and the color scheme is not pleasing.

Phoenix Coyotes

Putting a hockey team in the middle of the desert was probably not a good idea. I really dislike the use of Coyote for a hockey team, as well as the color scheme.

Los Angeles Kings

This is 100% based on personal bias, but there is only one “Kings” in pro sports-The Sacramento Kings!


Overall, there is some great NHL apparel out there for both the hardcore fans and the casual fans.

Did I get any of my selections wrong? Was I too harsh/favorable to any of the teams?

Please leave your comments below so we can get the conversation started!
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  1. As a Red Wings fan I must say I disagree…as a sports fan, I get it. I could never rank a team high if I don’t like them. For me it is the Penguins for the same reason you had the Red Wings lower.

  2. Same here I also have to confess am not that huge fan of hockey, but I always here my brother cheering for the rangers and also sometimes I hear him talk of the red wing which he already have a T-shirt with the logo of the redwing, when he tunes to watch on hockey game I always want to support the opponent team to creat some unnecessary arguments, I would like to thank you for highlighting the link to where one can ship to get the original sports ware for specific teams, as here in my country there are many counter fake products related to sportswear due to their high demand.

    thank you.

    from Joy.

  3. I am not a fan of hockey either. I don’t watch the game at all except I done have something important to do with my time. The apparels are not appealing to me also. 

    My uncle will buy you a bottle of bear for listing his favorite hockey team lol. He also love hockey apparels tool, perhaps because he is fat unlike me. Hockey apparels look good on fat people. 

  4. To  be honest i am not a big fan of hockey neither do i know a lot about the sport. i have always heard people talk about the rangers and the red wings but i must say i have no idea who is better. I have seen a lot of people in ranger gear including some of my friends and i cam say it looks  good on them lol. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Carolina Hurricanes guy here. My team didn’t even make the list but then again it is not one of the iconic jerseys in hockey. I think your #1 and #2 should be switched. Montreal jersey is a much cleaner look and they have more Stanley Cups than Toronto. I like the alternate jersey of the Bruins too as long as you’re referring to the one with the Bruin on it? And I don’t like the Ranger jersey you’re showing, I much prefer the one with the shield.

    1. You’re right. I don’t feel any pull to the Carolina apparel.  But it isn’t bad like some of the others. The Hurricanes greatest sin is no longer being the Hartford Whalers. 

  6. Great article – I love sports apparal in general. I bought a TON of soccer jerseys, and soccer shoes, I’m freak when it comes to that. I am a bit cheap about it though, I just buy $20-30 per jersey online…

    I have not spent money on a legit authentic jersey yet.

    Would you say the authentic stuff is like way way better?

    I really should pull the trigger on some merch like that….

    1. Thank you for visiting the site and for the great question. I really think that you get what you pay for, and buy cheap buy often.  Things that are authentic are generally higher quality and will last longer.  I’ve bought cheap Soccer jerseys and they fall apart quickly.  I’ve owned official soccer jerseys that are 20 years old and look like new.

  7. I came across your most recent article on NHL apparel and was drawn to it and started reading through. While I’m not a fan of hockey, I can wear hockey jersey anytime. Your reviews are raw, honest and true to the title being a review from a hockey novice. You did your research very well as you’ve provided detailed information of some of the hockey teams, such as the Jets being back as a team again. This is where I got a little bit confused as you seem to know a lot about hockey, specifically hockey teams, wondering if the article is indeed “an opinion of a hockey novice” or should be “an opinion of a novice reviewer”.  Just a thought.

    As someone who does not know hockey very well, but someone who is willing to wear hockey jerseys,  it would be very helpful to add the complete name of teams (eg Montreal Canadiens, instead of just Canadiens). This could help readers or jersey converts decide which to pick first for their collection. 

    I mostly agree to the jerseys to avoid, I agree the Wild’s jersey is hideous. I am from Winnipeg and was quite excited to see that the Jets jersey was ranked favourably. 

    Excellent conclusion , very inviting, which is why I’m throwing my two cents in too: Sharks colour scheme, the teal – may be a reference to deep waters. I like the Sharks jersey better than the Canucks though. 

    Very well written and liked that you can throw in a subtle humour in there too.  (LOL’d on Maple Leafs’ grammatically incorrect comment – I think people are so used to this team’s name that no one even realized the mistake until someone points out). Would be great if you could add a history of how the name (or all of teams’ names) came to be. Then maybe that could lead to the hows and whys of jersey designs. Overall, great interesting topic and content.

    Oh and before I end, I’m just adding comments that are not related to topic or content, but I thought you may find helpful:

    The links work very well however, they don’t open up to a new tab or window. So when I close the website link, I lose your website, unless I click previous page, which I am not very accustomed to, as I expect links to open in a different tab or window as with other websites.

    Also there is a typo on your website name in “About Me” section, just below your name. 

    1. Thank you for visiting and your honest feedback.  I will fix the typo and the link issues.  

      I am a hockey novice, but I do watch sports center so I know about the Jets rejoining the league. I also like international hockey a little bit.

      I do like the suggestions about team history. Maybe some Wikipedia links will suffice?

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