Ranking NFL Beanies

When considering which NFL beanies to buy, one will usually just buy a beanie for their favorite team. If one does not have a favorite team to which they are tied, there are many options out there to choose from.

In choosing your NFL beanies, your two main criteria will be logo design and colors. This will require you to use your personal tastes to decide which is best for you. Here are my opinions on the best and worst NFL beanies:

Top 5 NFL Beanies:

1. Raiders

You cannot go wrong with the Raiders for an NFL beanie choice. From the classic silver and black color scheme to the iconic logo, you will be instantly recognized as a fan with great taste in both teams and clothing (or a parolee). And no, the fact that I am a lifelong Raiders fan has nothing to do with my opinion at all. You may also be viewed as tougher than you are, which is a good thing when you are wearing a hat that likely has a “Pom” on top.

2. Lions

The Lions are another great choice for an NFL beanie. Their color scheme provides a little more “pop” than some other teams and they have a really cool logo. Seeing Lions gear reminds me of watching their games on Thanksgiving with my family.

3. Steelers

The Steelers boast a classic logo, and their black and yellow color scheme in inseparably tied to the city the Steelers represent. Additionally, the Steelers have a nationwide fan base, so you will instantly make friends wherever you go dressed in their gear.

4. Bears

The have great classic helmets, with the simple “C, which is typically reflected in their apparel. Their bear logo is also great looking. Their orange and navy blue color scheme looks great on a beanie.

5. Packers

The Packers, much like the bears are a classic team with a classic logo. The green and yellow color schemes reminds me of watching old footage of the Lombardi years. There is no question that the Packers are inseparable from Football.

Bottom 5 NFL Beanies:

5. Browns

The Browns are a historically bad franchise with one of the worst color schemes in all of sports. I know they have very loyal fans, but for someone looking for a cool hat to wear I would avoid the Browns. Cheer up Browns fans, your team looks like it is heading the right direction.

4. Bengals

As you may know from my other posts, I am not a fan of orange and black color schemes. The Bengals not only have an orange and black color scheme, but I find the tiger stripes in their apparel somewhat corny.

3. Broncos

My biggest problem with the Broncos beanies, in addition to being a rival of my favorite team, is their logo. Growing up, I thought the classic block “D” logo of the Broncos was pretty cool. Their current logo, however, I find to be awful.

2. Patriots

I am a huge fan of the old Patriots logo, with the Patriot figure hiking the ball. The new logo is not my favorite. I don’t care for the elongated head of the Patriot, or the silver added to the helmet. The old helmet looked much cleaner to me. Luckily for Patriot fans, they have many championships to soften the blow of their ugly logo.

1. Washington Football Team

In my humble opinion, the Washington Football team is the worst logo in all of sports. The name of the team is very derogatory, and the logo is objectively offensive. The only way that the Washington Football team will change its name and logo is if people stop buying products depicting them.

Questions? Comments.

Please let me know what you think. Did I get the top 5 wrong? Was I unfair to the bottom 5? Please post a comment below and we will have a discussion!
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  1. This is really great. This post with so much explanations for each beanie has made it easier for me to choose a good beanie for myself. I was really confused but now after reading this post I’m going with the Lions beanie. It is mostly for their logo. I really like their logo.

    Thank you for this help.

  2. Thanks for making a great list of the top 5 NFL Beanies as well as the the bottom 5 you made it easier for someone to make a quality selection in time of purchase but my favorite of all the Beanies is going to be that of the raiders I am a big fan so I can’t love it less. 

  3. Thanks for the ideas of the best and worst NFL Beanies this year.

    I’m still not sure which one I will boy next, I’d like to see the logo before I can decide.

    I’m not really a fan of any of these teams but I’m like nice and fancy Beanies to wear for work in the outdoors 🙂

  4. Great and highly informative post, I agree  with your post to some extent. The patriots old logo used to be my favorite back in the days until they decides to change it. In my own list the Steelers will surely come on top in term of beanies ,I can’t just take my eyes off the black and yellow color scheme.

    1. Thank you for visiting the site!  I agree; Many people love the Steelers color scheme and logo.  It’s a classic.  The Raiders, however, have a slight edge!

  5. It was nice stumbling across this article, very good information. I’m not a big sports fan myself but my parents are. The Packers beanie would be a great gift idea for my mother. Although, the Patriots beanie is among your bottom list, she would love that one as well. I’ll have to save this one for later.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. With all the cold weather right now, people need their beanies! Let me know if you have any questions.

      If your parents like the Patriots, it’s fine to get them the beanie. I just don’t like the design. I much prefer their old logo.

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