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Stance Socks: Treat yourself!

Men with funky socks

I am a big fan of fun socks. Several years ago, I was at a party wearing plain black tube socks. I noticed some of the other men wearing interesting socks, and realized I was not as fashionable as I thought I was. That day, with the help of my wife, I bought my first pair or “funky” socks. I haven’t looked back since.

The problem with fun socks is that they vary in quality. Sometimes they are too thin or not of good quality and wear out quickly.

One day, however, I was shopping with a friend and he introduced me to Stance socks.

I could instantly tell that the quality of the socks were excellent. The first pair I bought were Christmas themed.

After purchasing a few pairs of Star Wars themed socks I never looked back. I now rarely buy any other brand of sock.

You may be wondering how this post is related to Sports Team Apparel. Stance offers various lines of sports themed socks that bring together two crucial items in my wardrobe: Fun socks and sports team apparel.

This post will talk about Stance as a company, as well as review their various lines of sports themed socks.

About Stance

Stance was founded in 2009 in San Clemente, California. As of 2015, they have sold over 36 million pairs of socks. They are also the official sock company of MLB and NBA. They offer lines of men’s underwear and T-Shirts, and women’s socks.

One cool thing that Stance offers is a subscription program. This allows you to have 2-4 pairs of socks shipped free of charge to your residence monthly or quarterly. You can either pick the socks yourself, or allow Stance to do it for you based on your chosen preferences. I think this is a great program and innovative idea.

Another cool thing about Stance socks is the variety of thickness, height, and material. A lot of sock companies only make socks out of one material. Stance, however, makes socks of several types of thickness.

If you are purchasing on their website, each item comes with a description of the sock’s thickness, height and material, so you know exactly what you are getting.

MLB Stance Socks

As the official sock of MLB, Stance offers a wide array of sock choices. They offer several lines of MLB socks, including MLB On-Field, Future Legends, Mascots, and women’s socks (Stance also has a line of MLB themed underwear). The Stance MLB page conveniently allows you shop by collection
or by your favorite team, which simplifies the shopping experience based on your preference.

NBA Stance Socks

Much like with MLB, Stance socks are the official sock of the NBA. I feel like Stance could do a better job with their NBA lines, as a large part of their offerings are from an NBA logo line, which features, as the name suggests, the NBA logo.

For example, there are only 3 offerings for the Sacramento Kings, where there are 14 offerings for the Dodgers.That being said, the socks that they do offer are excellent quality with cool designs.

Here are a few the offered designs for the Sacramento Kings (you will likely find similar designs for the other NBA teams):

NFL Stance Socks

Although Stance is not the official provider for NFL socks, they do offer numerous selections of NFL team socks.

For example, Stance offers five selections for the Oakland Raiders, including their Banner, fade and women’s collections.

Here are a few of my favorite from the Oakland Raiders:

College Stance Socks

Stance does offer a line of College Logo socks. Stance, however, only offers socks for about 31 college teams.

Hopefully, your favorite team is one for which Stance offers choices. Fortunately, my favorite college team, BYU, is offered.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of colleges missing, so the odds are not in your favor.

One nice thing Stance offers for college socks is the ability to buy three packs for the offered colleges.

Here are a few of my favorites for BYU:

Areas of improvement

Stance does not appear to have a line of NHL socks or Soccer team socks. I would love to own a pair of Manchester United FC socks made by Stance. Hopefully, this will come true someday.

The other potential drawback for some customers might be the price. Stance socks have a higher price point than other socks, but this is definitely a case of “getting what you pay for.”

In my opinion the quality of the socks makes them worth the money.


Even though their Sports team socks line is not as complete as I would prefer, Sports fans can find great socks from Stance.

This, coupled with Stance’s high quality makes Stance Socks a definite buy for Sports Team apparel fans.

I know I may seem very enthusiastic about these socks, but I can’t mention enough how well made they are.

A lot of reviews online are based on product descriptions, but I wear a Stance socks every day.

I 100 percent stand behind this statement: Stance socks are the best socks I have ever owned.

Rating (out of 5 stars): ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


  1. That’s a cute feature picture. I like it. And I love sock! It doesn’t matter to me if they are fancy are plain, but my feet get cold easily. So socks are a must. I appreciate that you mention the price, but you’re right, you get what you pay for. Socks that are made of high quality cost more but will last a lot longer. And for socks that you get attached to because of the designs, I think it’s important that they will last years.

  2. Stance socks seems to have appealing design and comfortability. I’m a great lover of socks too but more of fashion socks and I love the collections of Stances socks I have seen here. They seem to be in line with the latest trend. But their prices seems to be off the hook for me. Lol, I’ll try them out some days though. Thanks for the post, it was informative.

    1. Like I said in the article you get what you pay for! If you buy cheap socks you will likely be buying more often. I haven’t worn out a pair of Stance socks yet, even the ones I’ve owned for years.

  3. Hi there, I was looking where I can buy this kind of socks. I found them very funny, and they are pretty comfy! Thanks to you, I found a reliable shop where I can buy them. I am afraid I will spend too much money on them right now 🙂 Well, it will be a very interesting time!  

  4. I am also big fan of fancy socks I always try make them look unique and outstanding, as this brings out a great feeling, personally I do some socks shopping for my hubby and I always try to get him the best as I already know his taste, the problem is that I am not used to learn about the names of different socks in the market, but I think the Stance socks are familiar as I have made some purchases that look alike, I think I will have to try this Stance socks they look unique and special, I like the colours that are on this post. Kindly attach some affiliate links to the images with the related prices in them as this will make it easy to make a purchase of the original product, thank you.

    From joy.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. There are so many teams and designs that I want people to be able to choose for themselves what they want. 

  5. Thanks for making this review on the stance socks I really love the designs they make on NBA socks, the designs are exquisite  it’s  not just meant for sport alone, it also very  fashionable but honestly would love it if they could start making socks for football clubs as well, I love their quality.

    1. Thanks for visiting! I think they would make a killing if they made socks for the largest clubs in the world. Maybe someday!

  6. Thanks for sharing such a nice and informative article. I must say that I heard about Stance socks but I have never wear those ones. What I like the most about them is the design and colors, it looks so powerful. I think that I will give it a try especially now when the winter season is here.

  7. Hey there Nate,

    prior to reading this article I wasn’t familiar with Stance at all. However, I am very happy that I’ve stumbled across your article, which by the way I found to be very informative and fun to read, because I am looking for some new  fresh ideas to upgrade my wardrobe, especially socks area as I am tired of just having a bunch of regular black socks. I want to bring some colors into my wardrobe and focus less on grey/black clothing I guess. From all of the socks presented in Your article, the ones which stood out for me the most would definitely be Sacramento Kings Stance Socks, the ones in the middle which sport a rich and unique color pallet, having that black, purple, light brown and white colors. In my eyes they look very extraordinary and fascinating due their unique design of having multiple striped of different sizes, gorgeous logo on the sides and I also really admire the rich and vivid color scheme they used here, which gives them that alive and fresh look if that makes sense, haha!.

    Keep up the great work Nate and best of luck to You 😉

  8. Great and well detailed post, thanks for sharing your experience with everyone here. I have on several occasions wore black plain socks to a party only to feel like am out -fashioned .i will check more about the stance socks .Do you have any idea concerning the list of price? 

  9. Hi! As you must be grateful to your friend that introduced you to Stance socks, so are we grateful to you. Thank you very much for writing this post. I’m grateful for telling us about Stance and commenting about their program. I really think it’s an innovative idea, and I’ll subscribe. Having 2 pairs of socks shipped quarterly will save us time. And the wide array of sock choices makes it tan excellent program!

  10. Thanks for posting this review! I haven’t had the best experienced with themed socks. You are right when you say that they aren’t usually the best quality. I also have the (good) problem of being active, so my socks don’t last nearly as long as I would like them to, so the subscription program might be something I would be interested in. I’m a big NHL fan too, so hopefully Stance will start to manufacture a line for Hockey, although, I wonder if they would need to become an official sponsor for the sport before being able to use the logos. 

    1. Thanks for visiting and for your comment.  Although not sports themed, Stance does have a line of active wear socks. I own one pair, and they are very good quality.

  11. What a great post

    I too am a lover of socks and I love wearing socks that don’t match to see if people notice lol

    In New Zealand we have promotional socks as well but this site is amazing and with such a cool variety to choose from.

    My Son is a big sports fan so I will buy a couple of pair of these quality socks for him for his birthday parcel in March

    It is incredible that you mention the black sock- Time for people to branch out and really have some fun with their dress sense and wear these gorgeous socks

    Great site and I bookmarked for more visitis

  12. I love wearing fun socks but my boyfriend not so much. However, I think he would love the NFL socks as he is a fan of the Chicago Bears. I think they would make a fun gift. Yes, they are pricey but I think they are worth it if they are warm and will wear well. Do you know if there are Stance Socks for women? I would be interested in seeing the different styles they have. 

  13. Very nice post, Nate. Stance has been around for some time, and they really have good offers on Designers socks for different teams. I’ve been a subscriber for some years now, and I must tell you, I’ve always loved the funky socks sent to me. I would also love to have a Chelsea FC socks by stance. I’ll look really cool in my full kit with Stance socks.

  14. Incredible and amazing designs socks. They are pretty looking .I love them all. I am not a fan of socks though, but these are pretty looking good sock that one will be comfortable in it. I really like that NBA design. they are looking

    Thank you for this review . The article is pretty informative. I really like it. Thumbs up for you

  15. All my adult life I’ve worn black, brown or blue socks. Then, all of sudden this fall I bought some stripes and patterns because I noticed friends wearing weird patterned socks so I said, “what the hell”? Now I have half a dozen pair. Hoo Haw! So your post is very timely and fun to read.

    Two comments, however. How about just a hint as to cost? Also, as I point out to many of the writers here, you might want to think about breaking up your paragraphs into shorter chunks and moving the photos over to the right (google likes it better that way, hint hint).

    Otherwise, cool job.

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