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The Best and Worst Soccer Jerseys in the World!

Brazilian soccer fan

You probably know by the fact that I refer to them as Soccer Jerseys and not “Football Kits” that I am an American.

Because soccer is growing at an astronomical rate in this country, there are many Americans that are new Soccer fans. They may not have picked a favorite team yet, but like a certain player. They may also want a Soccer Jersey because they look cool.

If you fit either of these criteria, this article is for you.

General Guidelines

When picking a Soccer Jersey, you should try to find some connection to the club or country in question. Some questions you may want to consider are :

  • Are you already a fan?
  • Does your favorite player play for that club?
  • Do you have family and/or ancestors from that city or country?

For example, I am a fan of Manchester United, so I own several of their jerseys. I also own a Spanish national team jersey because I used to live there and still have friends there.

I would also be open to owning an England national team jersey because that is where my ancestors are from.

I have a friend that has a Glasgow Rangers jersey because his wife’s family is a friend of that team.

As you can see, there are endless possibilities.

If you personally don’t have a connection to any club or country, you can always pick a Soccer jersey that looks cool.

Top Club Jerseys

So I have scoured the internet and watched hours of soccer to come up with my top five club specific soccer jerseys.

Please note that I am not restricting my choices to current jerseys, but I am not really looking at jerseys from the distant past either.

Manchester United (All Black)

These are hands down my favorite Soccer jerseys ever.  Although produced as an alternate jersey, and a departure from their traditional red and white, These jerseys just look very sharp and well-designed.

Real Madrid

The all white jerseys of Real Madrid really are beautiful, especially when coupled with purple lettering. Real Madrid’s logo is also iconic, making for a jersey that any sports fan needs in their collection (except Barca fans, of course).


Although I prefer the prior shield style logo to the current “J” logo, Juventus is still a great looking jersey. The alternating black and white color scheme is instantly recognizable.


I absolutely love everything about these jerseys. From the sharp-looking green and white color scheme to the classic clover filled logo, this jersey is so well-conceived.

FC Santa Clause

You didn’t see that one coming did you? This is a legitimate Club in Finland. As I am a huge fan of Christmas, I had to include this club on my list. Their color scheme (Red and Green) is one of the best, and the Santa logo can’t be beat. It is now a dream of mine to see an FC Santa Clause home match!

Top National Team Jerseys

Many of the international jerseys don’t change very much from time to time. You may see some slight variations, but usually they hold pretty true to the traditional colors of the national flag.

There are a few exceptions, some good some bad.

Here are my choices for the top national team jerseys:


In their classic form, the pure white jerseys of England are very cool, especially when coupled with slight red accents to
match the English flag. I really think the “Three Lions” logo looks really imposing. These symbols are quintessential English, and are well represented on the national team jersey.


I did not know the story of how Italy, a country with a red, green and white colored flag, ended up wearing blue sports jerseys.
Apparently they have been doing so since 1910 as a tribute to the house of Savoy, which had previously ruled parts of Northern Italy. In any event, blue is one of my favorite colors for sports jerseys, and the color coupled with the odd tradition makes Italy top national team jersey.


This is another jersey that stays pretty close to the colors of its national flag. Traditionally, the french team wears navy blue jerseys.
What makes France’s jerseys so great is the crest of the French Football Federation, which contains a rooster. This is very unusual, and sets the French jersey apart.


Argentina is a traditional soccer power that also has some pretty beautiful jerseys. I really like the blue and white colors
from the Argentine flag, and the crest of the national team also incorporated the yellow from the flag. Many great players have worn this jersey, making it even a more powerful symbol of soccer greatness.


Spain is another country that stays pretty true to the colors of its national flag, although it does incorporate navy blue as well. What makes the Spanish national team jersey so great is its crest, which might be my favorite of all international flags. Recently, Spain’s on field success has also added to the prestige of its jersey.

Avoid These Jerseys

In order to find the worst soccer jerseys in the world, a good place to start would be in MLS.

Generally speaking, MLS jerseys are low budget attempts to rip off popular jerseys from other leagues, whether it be the NFL or European Soccer clubs.

Here are my choices for the worst Soccer Jerseys in the world:

Seattle Sounders

I really really REALLY don’t like neon green as a color for any sports team. I don’t like it on the Seahawks of the NFL, and I also don’t like it as part of the Sounders jersey. In my opinion, a more traditional green would look much better with the blue.

New England Revolution

The color scheme of this club is pretty
much expected- red, white and blue. What makes this jersey one of the worst in the world is the logo. It looks like it was designed by a young child, and not fitting for a professional soccer team.

Real Salt Lake

I really don’t like anything about this club. Their name is a ridiculous rip off of Spanish clubs that makes no sense. The
logo is a disaster as is the jersey’s design.

New York City Football Club

I know that this club is owned by the
same people that own Manchester City, but be a little unique! Instead, they 100 percent copied Manchester City’s jersey.

Nigeria Neon Jerseys

As I mentioned before, I really dislike neon
green as a sport team color. In the last world cup, Nigeria took this to the extreme. This was disappointing, considering that Nigeria’s traditional colors are just fine.


These are just a few of my favorite and least favorite Soccer jerseys. The great thing is, there are so many options out there, you are sure to find one that you like.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this post , I am not a big soccer guy but found your site while searching for sports jerseys for a local team I am involved with . couldn’t agree more about your “Avoid These Jerseys” section of your post 1. Seattle Sounders , horrible . LOL like your choices ,Top 5 Club Jerseys especially #  5.  FC Santa Clause. I will book mark your site if I am ever looking for Soccer jerseys .

  2. Very interesting soccer jerseys list and agree with your worst one and about the best one I think that you really forgot to mention the best one which is the FC Barcelona and the chivas ( 😅 those are my favorite ).

    As like you I own many soccer jerseys and when I buy one is because of my preference with the team and for players I like, for example I have Manchester United because when Chicharito used to played for them.

    Thank you for sharing this great article about soccer jerseys.

    1. I do not like Barca. Never have and never will. Chicharito was great on United but I don’t like him when he plays for Mexico. 😂llp

  3. You made a good list in selecting the best soccer jersey. I always cherish the real Madrid kit anytime I see it maybe even because Madrid players rock it well. England and France jerseys too are very cool and fine. But your inclusion of the Nigeria jersey on the list seems baseless because that jersey was voted the best jersey in 2018 world cup followed by the French national team jersey. 

    1. The basis for my dislike is the color alone.  I have no problem with other people liking it.  It’s just my personal preference.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope you come back again! I’m sure we can have an interesting discussion.

  4. These are nice tips and guidelines to purchasing a nice soccer jersey with the fact that I’m a great fan of Manchester United and really love the exquisite design of the jersey. You have done a great job with this post and I appreciate your good job. Meanwhile, including that “Nigeria” jersey as a not-too-good jersey is really out of it after it had a great recommendation from FIFA. I think you’re mistaken to have placed it under it because the color of a jersey doesn’t really matter but the quality and fitness. Thanks have a nice day

    1. First….thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

      The color absolutely matters.  If you aren’t a fan of the team appearance is everything.  I don’t like the color.  And who really cares what FIFA thinks 😊

  5. I’m a real Madrid fan and I really love their Jersey, everyone in my family has a real Madrid Jersey because we considered the jersey to be the best among all and reading this according to your ranking it is not the best but one of the best . We still love it and will continue to love it.

  6. I quite agree with you on some of your picks but not all. I really don’t see what’s beautiful about United’s black jersey. Have you checked out man city’s Jersey, I like the sky blue and I’m an Arsenal fan. 

    My no 1 jersey is certainly Madrid’s white, that’s a super angelic jersey. I’m crazy about football so there’s hardly a jersey I wouldn’t appreciate.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Warm regards

    1. Thanks for stopping by.  I Can appreciate your opinion on The United Jersey, but I really like all black jerseys. I think they add to the mystique of a team, and they look sharp.

  7. I am going to have to share this article with my son.  He plays soccer and has several favorites that he likes.  A few years back we were in Munich and toured the stadium there, so my son needed a jersey from there.  We then went to Spain, and I known to us that it would be a problem, he was wearing his Munich jersey in Spain.  Not a good result, so he needed a jersey from there also so as to not make the locals mad.  I guess in the serious soccer countries it is best to be careful what you are wearing where.  In the U.S., I don’t think anyone would be offended wearing which ever jersey suits you best.  

    You have some very sharp jerseys listed, and we will review and have to add to our collection of soccer jerseys.  

    1. I learned this lesson the hard way in Spain. When I was in Sevilla I bought a Sevilla FC hat. When I visited Malaga I wore it, not knowing that Malagueños hate Sevilla. I got yelled at until I took it off. I’m ya very different in the US.

  8. I like Real Madrid even though I don’t really play football again these days but I remember the time I used to play so much even my secondary school days. The main thing is that Jessy is not even what makes a player good. Jessy can only contribute to the love of the supporters.

  9. I really don’t have preference for a particular jersey, to others, what can influence their decision to wear a jersey or not is how the player flaunt it, how it is being sold to the rest of football fans. For instance, it is quite difficult to see how Real Madrid fans rock their white jersey and not fall in love with it almost immediately. Nevertheless, I think you have nice selections up there irrespective of your likeness for them or not.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I tried to remove my bias. I don’t care for Real Madrid that much, but you can not deny the greatness of their kits.

  10. Thanks a lot for this article. I am a football lover and a fan of arsenal football club. I was kind of surprised not to see my beloved arsenal football team jersey among your top five jerseys. 

    I agree with some of your picks though, I love the real Madrid jersey, may be because I love anything white. For country jerseys I also love the England jersey. 

  11. I love soccer and used to play when I was a kid and played on the school teams.I don’t follow it as much now but I do like some of the jerseys.

    I especially like the Italy jersey because I’m Italian and I love blue!Jerseys are one of my favorites to wear anyway, so why not support the Italian team?

    But I agree with you about the jerseys not to wear. I don’t like the name of the teams or the jerseys themselves.Thanks so much for the info!Do these come without names on them or could you have them put on?

    1. It I were you I think I would go with the Italian as well.  

      You can get them With player names, without, or you can make custom jerseys.

  12. It’s amazing how perfect you described these jerseys and for a while, I wish I am a football fan. But I love jerseys all the same even though I ain’t supporting any club, and I look forward to buying some of these as gifts to my friends in which most of them are fans of these clubs you mentioned  here. Well, you just solved a long term problem for me selecting a good Jersey. Thumbs up to this educative post. 

  13. You have a good taste beutifully made jerseys and the fine ones I am not all out soccer fan but I will concur that wearing some those teams jerseys real means allot to alot of people either during amatch or any other day you are recognized with what you were and the statement is loud and clear.back to your choice I will say I would have picked some of them if not all of them they are a treasure to have.

  14. The choice in choosing jersey depends on ones emotional attachments, family or friends tie to a particular team. Jersey is symbolic and should be of good quality that represents class. I personally cherish the French national team jersey, it makes even the worse player in a pitch appears smart. Some jerseys qualified to be tagged rag.

  15. Hello Nate,

    Since I was very young I played a lot of football, I played in a square in my neighborhood, here in Buenos Aires. As a player, I would have liked to wear a white shirt like England’s. The white color represents for my clean game, also because I like England very much as a country. 

    I would like to have it so I decide to buy it to have it in my house. Thank you very much for sharing such an exciting article. 

    Regards! Claudio

  16. Hi! Thank you very much for giving this top 5 of the best club jerseys, and the best national team jerseys. And I also laughed a bit with the worst 5 soccer jerseys.

    I like all 5 jerseys you included in the best national team jerseys. I would also include Venezuela’s jersey. Although it doesn’t match their flag as is also the case with Italy, I like its distinctive color.

    I have wanted to purchase a couple of soccer jerseys, and I’ll follow your link to do so.

    1. Thanks for visiting the site!  

      I don’t think I’ve seen Venezuela’s Jersey.  Another jersey that doesn’t match the flag is the Netherlands.

  17. I think this post is meant for me because I’m one of the people who gets really confused when it comes to buying a soccer jersey for seasons. Thank god I found this article because it helped me to make a decision over this issue.

    I’m going to go with the Italy national jersey because I love the color and they are my favorite team. The blue gives a personal touch to its jersey.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

  18. I see that you’re not a fan of some of the American teams eh? LOL! I’m with you, I probably like France and the Celtic one for some odd reason. Manchester United would be much better without that Chevrolet logo on it. But money rules in that realm!

    Overall entertaining post, glad that I stopped by.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!  MLS has a lot to learn. They just don’t do uniforms well.

      Sad thing about the sponsor logos…it’s getting worse.  Pretty soon these players agre going to look like race cars with all the advertisements!

  19. Great Article!  I live in Australia where we also call it Soccer and I can tell you from loking around the shopping malls here that the most popular jerseys are the Man U, Juventus and Barcelona jerseys due to Beckham, Ronaldo and Messi.  This also tends to transfer to those country jerseys as well.  Every four years there are also a lot of Brazillian jerseys that come out of the woodwork.  We really don;t see too many U.S ones here and if we do it is LA Galaxy – again due to Beckham.  So I would say that here, it is the players that form the jersey purchase selections rather than the actual colours.

    Thanks again – enjoyed reading the article


    1. Thanks for visiting.  It’s the same here. People have their favorite players or follow the big clubs.  There are a lot of immigrants that bring their home club with them as well. I chose United because I don’t like Barcelona and they played in the 2009 Champions league final and I’ve been a fan ever since!

  20. Hi, Nate.  Great post.  I spent 2 years in Argentina, from 1971 to 1973 as a missionary, and down there at the time the two big soccer clubs were River and Boca Juniors.  I liked Boca Juniors, and a lot of it was the jerseys.  They wore a kind of royal blue with a wide yellow strip horizontally around the chest.  River wore the light blue and white vertical stripes.  I think River was the better club, and Boca Juniors were the feistier bunch.  Your post brought back memories.  We all have our favorites.  I’m from Colorado, and we have the Rapids, but I don’t follow them much.  I think soccer jerseys make great casual wear though.

    1. Thanks for visiting.  I hear that Boca and River has a crazy rivalry that is so bad they had to move the game to Madrid!  Now that is an intense rivalry!

  21. Wonderful article on soccer jerseys. I like the fact that Santa Clause was included I must get one of them just because well you can not go wrong with Santa Clause!. Seriously though my favorite would have to be Italy one I am Italian and a added bonus my fav color is blue.

  22. Thanks for sharing your take on the best/worst soccer jerseys. I think a lot of people won’t care what the jersey looks like as long as it’s for the team that they support. Team pride trumps jersey aesthetics. Personally, colours are the decider for me and I agree that neon colours are unattractive and distracting. 

  23. This was an excellent review about the best and worse jerseys in soccer jerseys, I must say I love the selection you made the Juventus jersey is always a blast with new designs each season and make it my best Club jerseys though I’m not a fan of the club. Thanks for the link should incase I want to purchase a jersey.

  24. Thank you for sharing ¨THE BEST AND THE WORST SOCCER JESRSEYS IN THE WORLD¨. I was disappointed you didn´t mention Arsenal Home Jersey in your top 5 Club Jerseys. You did mention, though, England as #1 National Team Jersey.Why should Arsenal´s be one of the best? It always is hard to beat the classics and that is the case with Arsenal´s jersey. In terms of their primary logo, Arsenal´s is absolutely wonderful and it will never be replaced. Yet, their jerseys for the upcoming season also look fantastic and definitely will sell well. The signature red color of Arsenal has always looked nice, but the addition of the red stripes on the white sleeves is a great modern twist to the classic jersey. Normally small changes to older jerseys can lead to issues, but this one looks absolutely marvelous.Check it out. As good or better than Manchester United FC (Black)

    1. I agree Aresenal has a great logo. In my opinion it’s not as good as a United.  I think there Jersey is fine, but kind of boring.  Thanks for visiting the site!

  25. You are passionate about what you do and do not like in the jerseys. I liked it when you said that you would like to part of England. You absolutely make sure for your distaste in neon green. Try not to get your images not so close together that they crop off some of the image. But you do know how to add images to your post. How did you become a soccer fan? Is it a trend that has been handed down through the ages? Well as far as soccer has been around. You speak whole heartily about the Jerseys with great detail. You make a good sales pitch as well as sales person and the simple click here for each category of Jerseys.

    1. I played soccer as a teenager and have been a fan ever since.  I’ve lived in Spain and visited England and France And follow the EPL closely.  

  26. Hey Nate, 

    Great post. I’m a huge soccer fan myself and I couldn’t agree with you more on the criteria for choosing a soccer jersey. I am an Arsenal supporter so I have a number of jerseys from them – gutted their all black 2017-18 kit wasn’t included in your best list but I’ll live. I especially like the Real Madrid kit, it is a classic shirt that complements any look. Also, take a look at the Kaizer Chiefs 1080 – 19 home kit, it is exquisite and was voted the best kit in the world. 

    1. Thank you for visiting.  Lots of unhappy Arsenal fans upset at me. I’m sorry but I’m just not a fan of their gear. 

      I’ll check out the Kizer Jersey.  Thanks for the recommendation.

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