The Rules For Choosing an NBA Hat.

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With 30 teams in the Association, there are plenty of choices when it comes to NBA Hats. I usually wear the gear of the team I am “ride or die” for, namely, the Sacramento Kings. Whether it’s the throwback style of the early 2000s or the current logo, I feel like I can’t go wrong representing my favorite team.

There are other NBA hats, however, that I would wear that are not from my favorite team. In this post, I will give you my criteria for choosing NBA hats other than those of your favorite team.

You Can Never Wear The Hat Of Your Team’s Rival

There is something pathetic about a fan of one team wearing the hat of their team’s rival. For me, I wouldn’t be caught dead in anything from the Lakers or the Warriors. Unfortunately, however, there are plenty of NBA fans that do not respect this rule. In fact, there is a funny GIF out there of one fan pulling a Warriors Jersey over his Lakers jersey. This fan will undoubtedly live in infamy. You would be wise to avoid the same unfortunate fate.

You Can Never Wear the Hat Of A Team In Your Division

This is an extension of the “no rival rule” above. While I may not hate the Phoenix Suns or the Los Angeles Clippers, they play the Kings enough that it would be awkward to wear one of their hats, no matter how “cool” they may look.

You may find yourself in an uncomfortable position if your team becomes rivals with the team of the hat you own, which is more likely to develop with teams in your own division.

You Can Not Wear The Hat Of Last Year’s Champion

For my money, there is nothing worse than a bandwagon fan. Nothing is more irritating as a fan to see all the Warriors hats and jerseys around my city, knowing that many of those hats were purchased soon after the Warriors won another championship! One might think that this is unique to Sacramento because it is so close to Oakland. This is not the case. If you turn on any game the Warriors play on the road, you will see a plethora of Warriors hats in the crowd. Don’t be a bandwagon fan!

Pick a Classic

I recommend picking an NBA hat with a simple yet classic design, with a classic logo or script. Hats of “trendy” logos, color schemes, and designs may be cool for a moment or two, but a few years from now you will probably regret wearing them. There are many great logos and color schemes that haven’t changed much over the years, and with good reason. Like jeans and Chucks, some things never go out of style. Here is a tip: I would avoid most, if not all, of the current “city edition” alternate gear worn by NBA teams.

Find A Connection

It is easier to explain to people why you are wearing a hat of a team other than your favorite team if you have some sort of connection to that team. One such connection might be “my family is from Boston,” or “I’m a big fan of Larry Bird.” In my mind, it is easier to justify the purchase of another team’s hat if you have a good reason for doing so.

Based on These Criteria, My Choices Would Be:

  1. Celtics: The Celtics have a classic color scheme and logo. They haven’t won a championship in a few years, and aren’t rivals with my favorite team or play in their division. I am a fan of some of their classic players. Additionally, they are old rivals with the Lakers (the enemy of my enemy is my friend).
  2. Bulls: This is a team that also has a classic logo and color scheme, and has no rivalry with my team. Also, who isn’t a fan of Michael Jordan? On that basis alone, one would be justified in wearing a Bulls hat.
  3. Pistons: I love the old circular logo, and classic color scheme, which reminds me of “Bad Boys” teams with Isaiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer. Additionally, my mother was born in Detroit, so I can claim a family connection.
  4. Nets: Although this is a fairly recent redesign, I love the simple and clean look of the Nets’ color scheme.
  5. Blazers: Another classic logo and color scheme. Plus, the people of Portland are pretty chill, so I wouldn’t mind wearing a Blazers’ hat.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my rules. Did I miss any rules? Did I get any wrong? Any team hats, other than your own, that you would wear? Post your comments below, and we will get the conversation started!

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  1. This is such an amazing information about hats. I never knew the rules you have mentioned…thank you for sharing this with us. Learning anything new is something we all love. I really appreciate your work, thank you.

  2. I confess – I know next to nothing about NBA hats!
    And it definitely makes sense to never wear the hat of the rival’s team.
    Then again, it would never occur to me to not wear the hat of the last year’s winner!
    That’s certainly new information.
    Thanks so much for sharing this article!

    1. Thank you for visiting the website. People that always support the previous year’s champion get little respect in fan world.

  3. You have made my life so much easier. I was really hung up on choosing my favorite hat but I was really confused. After reading this article I have chosen the Bulls one. especially for their LOGO. I also like their color scheme which really attracted me. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this article.

  4. Thanks Nate, but so many rules for choosing an NBA hat. “I can’t wear my rival’s hat” “I can’t wear the hat of within the division” “I can’t wear last year’s champion’s hat”. Do these rules apply if I am not an NBA player? I would love to get a hat, looking at the listed five criteria, I’ll go for a blazer hat. 

    1. Thank you for visiting the site!  Of course, everyone is free to choose whatever hat they feel fits the, best.  The aim of my post is to help people get a great hat, yet keep the respect of their friends and fellow fans.  I know that in my group of friends we will tease a friend who violates these rules.  In fact, one of our fiends just said he was born in LA (not Sacramento) and we teased him about being a Lakers fan.  I can only imagine what would happen if he showed up wearing a Lakers hat!

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