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Touch by Alyssa Milano: A Review.

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First thing’s first…..have never and will never wear Touch by Alyssa Milano clothing or apparel. This is because I am a man and Touch is made exclusively for women.

I am, however, happily married with 4 teenage daughters, so I have been able to observe what they like and dislike in sports  clothing for women.  From my observation, Touch is their clear favorite.

I asked the female members of my household what they really liked from the Touch brand. Below are the items they chose.

About Touch

Touch is a line of sports clothing for women created by Alyssa Milano to address a lack of stylish women’s sports team apparel. The idea came to her when she noticed there were no women’s sports clothes that weren’t pink. That frustration led her to create a business with millions in annual sales.

The clothing line markets itself as high end designer clothing for the female sports fan. It currently has licenses for NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLS, and Minor League Baseball.

In addition to the great design, Touch products are very affordable. The highest price Touch item I could find is $75.

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Bomber Jackets

One of my daughters loves old school style bomber jackets. In fact, she often hits up thrift stores locally to try to find the vintage ones. She absolutely loves the bomber jackets from Touch. These jackets are described as having eye-catching graphics and a flattering fit. If you love the 90’s throwback look, then this jacket is for you.

Star Player Sweatshirt

Another popular item in my household was the Star Player sweatshirt. This sweatshirt is unique because it is a crew neck sweatshirt with a fashionable lace up back closure. The team logo is screen printed and placed on the left chest. This is definitely a stylish alternative to a plain sweatshirt.

Free Agent Long Sleeved T-shirt

My family also loves the Free Agent long sleeve T-shirt. These shirts are styled with the team’s logo or some other symbol of the team on the front. The graphic on the front has a distressed look to give the item a retro feel. They also have striped on the sleeve typically, which are sewn on for added quality.

Hi-Low Burnout T-shirt

My daughter loves the hi-low burnout t-shirt. These shirts feature a deep scoop neck with a distressed team logo on the front. The back of the shirt features a rounded drop tail hem and a burnout print on the back. This shirt looks like it would be great for summer sporting events.

Breakaway T-shirt

Several of my daughters really like the Breakaway T-Shirt. It appears to me to be a more flowing design. The product description mentions that it is designed with a loose fit with little or no structure in the shoulders, chest, and waist. What is also very cool about this item is the cost; you can purchase this great looking shirt for under $20.00.

Team Spirit Pullover Sweater 

My wife and daughters all love this item. I also can say I really love the look of this sweater as well. It is 100 percent acrylic knit with woven and embroidered graphics. These sweaters, which are very reasonably priced at $67, appear that they would keep you very warm in fall and winter months.

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Weekend Ragland Pullover

This is an item that my wife really loves. On the surface it appears to be a classic looking sweatshirt, but the sides are actually “lace up” for an adjustable fit. Additionally, the sweatshirt is lightweight, so it can be worn in mild temperature and not just cold temperatures. The price is also very reasonable for a hooded sweatshirt, costing less than $50!

Maverick Full Zip Tri Blend sweatshirt

The Maverick sweatshirt was a popular item in my household. The girls loved the full zip front and the cool graphics. This sweatshirt is also lightweight for mild temperatures. Heather gray is also always a popular choice for sweatshirt color. Like many of the other Touch items, this is reasonably priced at $40.

Blindside Long Sleeve Tri Blend Thermal 

The Blindside thermal is an item that I will be buying for my wife shortly, as it was an item she really thought looked amazing. It looks like it is very cozy, but also stylish. It has distressed graphics and fabric, so it looks like it has been in the family for years. I think the contrasting shoulder and body color scheme is a nice twist. This item is reasonably priced st $40.

Backfield Sweatshirt

The final item in my review of Touch products is the fabulous backfield sweatshirt, which features rhinestones in the design of the graphics to give it a shiny look. Th sweatshirt is a little longer than the normal sweatshirt, so it’s extra cozy. At only $37, this item is a steal.


If you know any sports crazy women like I do, then Touch by Alyssa Milano clothing is the way to go. They have an extensive lineup of stylish apparel that can be worn both at the game and around town. These items would make great gifts or everyday purchases. Right now, there are a lot of great sales on Touch items at Click below for more information.


  1. I found this site because I am looking for a birthday gift for my wife. She is a huge sports fan but hates wearing Jerseys because they never fit her and look too baggy. I really like the items here for the Alyssa Milano collection because the clothes are form fit without being too tight or too baggy. Awesome look and I’m sure my wife will agree :)!

  2. Hey, thanks for this review. I was looking for something to gift my wife and then landed here. Touch by Alyssa Milano looks like a good choice for me since my wife like to wear a sporty dress and she has never ever tried Touch by Alyssa Milano clothing before. So, can you please give me one of the best recommendations to gift my wife from this Touch by Alyssa Milano brand? Because I’m a little bit confuse which one to choose since all look good.

  3. I really like the look of Alyssa Milano sportswear, although I have never come across this brand before.

    The products look very stylish and are a really reasonable price.

    In fact, I am very tempted to get the Weekend pullover and the tri-blend Sweatshirt.

    Thank you so much for opening my eyes to this brand.

    Chrissie 🙂

  4. Hi Nate – I appreciate you providing this post even though this is a brand you personally wouldn’t wear, but glad to hear your daughters are a fan.  I had not heard of touch by Alyssa Milano before, but I definitely like the idea of woman’s sport wear that isn’t all pink.  I may just have to check out their Eagles stuff.

    Thanks for this information,


    1. Yes.  I highly recommend Touch for every woman that is a sports fan.  Thanks for stopping by and good luck to the Eagles next year. 

  5. Hello! Nate, I’m in the same case. I also would never use any Touch outfit for Alyssa Milano because I am also a man, but in the same way in my home, there are three ladies, my wife, and two teenage daughters who love this brand.And it must be said, to see the girls wearing these clothes as lovely and casual as well as sports badges makes them look very sexy without a doubt.Undoubtedly there are many details that for men we go unnoticed but of which the girls are completely aware and critical, and for which they adore this type of garments.

    1. So true.  For me a t-shirt is a t-shirt, but for the women in my life every seam seems critical.  It appears to me that Touch pays attention to these details and allows women to display their fanhood while looking great.

  6. Hi Nate. A nice review. Clothes that I think my daughter would like too. She was into pink clothes at an early age but as she has got older she is not so fond of them. I like the style of this brand: it looks classic casual which won’t go out of style in a year. The prices are reasonable too.

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